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Warum wurde "DragNDrop Toolbars" geschaffen?

With so many great toolbars add-ons, I thought it was urgent to be able to organize them as we see fit !

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People are complaining that this add-on only allows to move sidebars vertically, but does not allow to put one after the other horizontally.
Well, many users are not aware that most well designed toolbars allow their components (buttons, ...) to be moved from one to another one. Admittedly, it's not easy to find (right click on a toolbar, then Customize menu).
I'm working on the 3.5 compatible release. Donations would help the motivation :)

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Name Reivax
Ort Paris
Homepage http://www.c-est-simple.com
Benutzer seit March 5, 2007
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