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  • Thanks for the great add on.
    As you mention on your page, you suggest glitterdrag instead of this add on but i think when you drag the link with glitterdrag, it hangs for a while which is annoying. That's why i have swithed to your add on.
    Thank you so much.
  • Working great so far. Thanks for making this addon. I couldn't live without it since I updated the Firefox and old addons stopped working.
  • Nice add-on
    But still have some issues with drop behavior
    1. when I drop link on the tab, it should not open new tab, because firefox will open new tab for me.
    2. when i drop out of firefox's window, it should not open new tab.
    3. when i press the escape key, it should not open new tab
    This add-on is discontinued, you can read more in the "About this extension" info, thanks for the support!
  • Is there any way to open multiple links ?

    Also, when dragging, you get the default firefox icon complaining that you are doing something wrong even though it ends up opening the links anyway. It would be good if you can change that behavior to perhaps match with how Glitter Drag works. It will much more intuitive and usable that way.
    I didn't know that "Glitter Drag" add-on exists and it seems really well made! He took the effort to do it properly. Since i saw it, i'm considering to stop doing Drag Links and announce to use Glitter Drag instead. I see he started one month later, that's why i couldn't find it and had to do it myself. But let me ask you a question, why are you reviewing this add-on if Glitter is really better? Anyways thank you for showing up!
  • FF 57 - Egal welche Einstellungen ich vornehme, die neuem Tabs öffnen sich mal in Hintergrund und mal in Vordergrund.
  • 非常好用,,谢谢作者
  • все класно, але треба трохи посидіти і розібратись з налаштуваннями
  • Does not seem to work; cannot figure out what is supposed to happen when selecting and dragging text. It's a shame the developer can't decently explain his add-on.
    --Does not seem to work; cannot figure out what is supposed to happen when selecting and dragging text. It's a shame the developer can't decently explain his add-on.--

    It's a shame that you can't decently explain what problem you had. 1 star for you too xD
  • Excellent extension, besides one more (ScrollAnywhere) as graphics tablet user this was crucial for me to switch to 57. Thank you very much for creating it!
  • Due to my old habits, is it possible to add an option about "always open in background tab"?
  • Time saver. Thanks!
  • 挺好用的,跟之前的插件差不多。
  • It made my browsing life easier.
  • DragLinks 1.8 randomly stops working and requires a browser restart to function again. Unacceptable.

    As per other reviews, placement of new tabs needs to be a user-selectable setting.

    Using Firefox 56.0.2 64-bit on Windows.

    Fix the issues above and this would be an excellent extension. Until then, the search continues for a decent drag extension compatible w/FFox 57.
    placement of new tabs needs to be a user-selectable setting -> i will do it when i can, i first do the work for what i get paid, after social life, and then this add-on. If you are in a hurry to fix these problems you can take the code, fix it and publish it with your name, i don't care.
  • I really like the ability to choose different websites for the link drags. This means I don't need another addon, and the less the better.

    Any chance of adding a shift-key select option that reverses the chosen background/foreground defaults.

    And I too would like an open next to current tab option, to save using a serarate addon. Or does addon bloat no longer slow down Firefox?
    It wouldn't be the quantity of add-ons, more like the quality, one add-on could slow all depending of what is doing.
    And if a thing is done by another person, and works, why don't use it, instead of doing the same job twice.
    So tell me too pls, if this add-on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-tabs-next-to-current/ works well enough, i would recommend it in draglinks info page.
  • Love this addon but please add the ability to open new links NEXT TO the current tab and not at the end of all the tabs. This would make this a perfect addon!
    Reply to Developer**
    The problem with the addon below is that I think it forces ALL new tabs to open next to the current one instead of just the ones opened via a link. Basically the default behavior right now if I right click a link and say "open in new tab" is what I want from your extension.
    i could do it, but i think this add-on gives that functionality: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-tabs-next-to-current/

    Tell me if it is good enough, and i will add it to the description for people find it better.
    Ok i see, i will look what i can do
  • It's a wonderful add-on.
  • As I always seem to forget which search engine I set for a drag would it be possible to show the search engines icon when the drag starts. Even the name would be OK. Perhaps you can think of a better way.

    *** Thanks for adding this feature ***
    I already had that problem, something has to be done. What you propose seems good, i will try to do it as soon as i can find some spare time.
  • But I have to use version 1.4 : with version 1.5, dragging up links to open them didn't work anymore, especially in forums.
    i think i have the problem, the calculations to see if the drop is made inside the content area is affected by the zoom used, i will look it
    I released 1.6, it checks that drag operation has been inside browser window instead of viewport content of the website, because there isn't a trusty way of doing it.