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  • Loved its simple but efficient functionality, but unfortunately FF started constantly throwing the error message
    JavaScript Application:
    [TypeError: can't access dead object]

    Can you fix it? Cheers!
  • I loved this extension but it was broken with latest FF versions. I took a look today and saw the extension was considered compatible FF 40. Made a test and it works. I will make some more tests but it looks like a good surprise.

    But the javascript error is still here - closing the first tab. Too bad.
  • I loved this addon. Too bad he got crashed long ago. Nobody knows a similar option?
  • On Firefox 18.0.1, when I close all tabs except pinned tabs, it shows unremovable javascript error, so I must only restart browser to remove this error pop-up. It was a good extension, but...
    To simplify installation of dragdropupload, I've patched its install.rdf as outlined below and re-packaged it as xpi:


    Note: Installing extensions from arbitrary sources on the net is not necessarily secure. I've only fixed the extension's Install Manifest file and corrected the filename of its icon, so it appears in the Add-on manager.

    To make the dragdropupload extension work in latest Firefox versions:

    1) Locate the extension's directory in your Firefox profile; e.g.:./extensions/{CB56AAF9-68C8-41bd-8E5C-7B53232CF7B9}/

    2) Open the file install.rdf within in an editor.

    3) Locate the section for Firefox, which is id "{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}"

    4) Change the value of "maxVersion" to "18.*" (or higher).

    5) Close and restart Firefox.

    If it does not install, additionally change the extension em:id to: dragdropupload@teslacore
  • Please update someone plz.
  • This hasn't really been supported for several years now. It's a great addon though, and a great idea. How come no one has taken up development?
  • Very good addon but since ff15 I get this popup Alert:
    JAVASCRIPT application: Type Error-Can't access dead object
    It occurs for many others:
    It occurs when I close the first tab.
    It will keep popping up in an endless loop, and I cannot click on anything else so I have to close firefox through the TaskbarManager "End Process".
    If I disable this addon then there is no more of this popup. So this addon is the cause of this popup.
    Please fix.
  • Does nothing using latest FF in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise
  • I am a GUI guy: I know how to work from the command line, but I love to use the GUI features, particularly drag'n'drop for lot of tasks, from opening a file to moving text in my editor.

    When I need to upload a file on a Web site, this little extension allows me to just select it in my Explorer (I tried it with Windows Explorer and Linux Dolphin), drag it and drop on the file upload component on the page.

    There was a bug for some versions of Firefox, trying to drop two files at once, but since FF v.11, this has disappeared, perhaps it was a bug in Firefox after all...

    A little add-on that doesn't do much, but does it well!
  • but I miss populating dozens of fields with one drag drop operation
  • This extension is very helpful. Selecting files via the browse button is inconvenient. Drag and drop is much more convenient.

    Unfortunately, it is buggy. In the past it caused lockups at some pages. Now, those don't happen anymore, but it attempts to add files twice. Usually, this fails and you just get the file added once plus an error message which you have to dismiss. On some pages, files do get added twice.
  • Love this extension & use it all the time. Here's how to fix it to work with the latest versions of FF. Download + open the .xpi in an app like 7zip.. extract the .jar, open the .jar in 7zip and edit dragdropupload.js (in content). Go to line 844 and comment out the alert.

    Save the changes, add the .jar back into the .xpi and drop it onto FF to install it.

    Now I don't get the error when I drop a file into FF & it works fine.
  • This was a must have extension for me, but it's been nothing but trouble since FF5. I get random javascript errors all the time with this extension. I got sick of having to close them and I disabled it. I hope someone updates this one. Right now, there's no way to classify this as compatible with FF 5 or 6 given the errors.
  • Crashes all the time. Got tired of having to close the error message alerts. Uninstalling. Author apparently no longer supports it.
  • This addon does not work with Firefox 6.0, have to upgrade.
  • DragDropUpload onDrop TypeError: transferData.first is null, when uploading Microsoft Outlook attachement.,

    Regards, Radzik
  • I love this add-on.
    Been using it forever.......
    Please support firefox 7 Aurora
  • I had fixed it, working on ff4. Down here http://www.mediafire.com/?5xez40box5m8hl4
  • I have purchased a new CPU and am in the process of re-installing Firefox with Windows 7. Drag and Drop Upload will not install into Firefox 4.1 so how can I edit the "install.rdf" when it doesn't exist in my extensions folder. Any help would be great, I love this add-on and would be happy to donate if I can get it to work.

    thank you
  • Purely indispensable! Waiting for "official" FF4 compatibility (or should we now wait for FF5 already?)
  • I have edited the install.rdf according to Stellumz suggestion and it works like a charm in FF4. Thanks
  • Disregard my previous message. It is indeed working after installing the Compatibility Reporter. For some reason, I received an incompatible message after installation. But when I actually uploaded like before, it worked. Thanks for the efforts Firefox team and Sankazim. Looking forward to further developments of this vital software.
  • Another option for making DDU compatible with FF4 is to install the add-on Add-on Compatibility Reporter. This will allow you to enable DDU, and to test any other disabled add-ons for compatibility.
  • "Works in FF4. Go to your Firefox profile/extension. Open {CB56AAF9-68C8-41bd-8E5C-7B53232CF7B9} extension, open with Notepad install.rdf file and change in line 35 4.1. Magic !"

    How exactly do I do this?
    I have little computer knowledge...