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  • engines added manually can't be saved. uninstalled.

  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for updating for FF3.
    Finally, I feel like FF3 is complete now that this extension is up to date. Hasn't been the same without it. A truly useful extension.

  • What a great add-on.
    It's one that I'll enjoying exploring further as I use it more and more.
    Thanks for your time and work that you put into it.

  • This is a really astonishing innovation. Its not only cool but immensely usefull.

    Thanks a whole lot!

  • I didn't realize how much I used this great extension until I upgraded to v3.0.We really need an update for this because it is something many of us use constantly,at least I do.

  • I love this extension and it is one that has held me back from moving to 3.0. Please update!

  • A wonderful extension that makes life stacks easier. It interferes with fireFTP though when you try to drag and drop files there. Perhaps you could tweak it a little so it doesn't function when the address bar contains a chrome protocol address like the one fireFTP uses? Or maybe I'm thinking a little too simple here. Nice job otherwise.

  • Great ,thanks, i drag and drop word \"description\" wow in new tab answer ... quick , but i don\'t know how to open MANAGE SEARCH ENGINE LIST\r\nhelp me THANKS.

  • Cool extension, but Just Try to disable your search bar (right click and customize, drag searchbar off). Yeah, now it only searches in the default search engine... for each square. If I drag the text "wallpaper" into my DeviantArt square, it will search in GOOGLE for wallpaper. know you said to add bugs to your website, but lets be honest, its not the best site...
    The reason I am calling this a BUG is because I installed this extension so I can DISABLE the search bar!!! Anyways, great start of an extension.

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  • Bad, this is really bad! I couldn't figure out how to use it at first; forgot about it, then as I was trying to drag something to the search bar-- WoW! -- I get my pick of search engines all spread in an elegant opaque blue across the screen. How will I ever again use internet explorer now? And if this doesn't get updated, I just won't update firefox.
    Cool! cool man Cool! Thanx.

  • pls stop the transparent background which makes eye confusion in overlapping search engine names and the webpage texts. the remaining 1 mark is for this transparent issue. thanks for this great search engine helper. :)

  • I was using 'Web Search Pro'. This add-on is better. I use multiple search engines for research. I can change s.e.'s easily.

  • the most innovative way to search web for mouse user.Just a drag and drop away from the search. It makes you search anywhere.