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138 Bewertungen für dieses Add-on
  • wow I really like this. very handy and intuitive way to work.

  • nice plugins -- thanks for your kind which build useful tool.

  • It's very nice extension.

  • Very handy extension. One of my favorites. It saves me a lot of time, because i don't have to copy and past text to the search bar anymore.

  • I use it everyday.. I'll stop browsing if I miss this addon. OMG

  • very interesting addon! i miss an option to search in a new window. that would be great. :)

  • Innovative add-on, but when on youtube.com or any other flash site, the dropzones disappear underneath the flash video.
    Plus, adding an option to search in a new tab is a must.

  • Great idea, but there is a conflict with easy drag&drop. I would like to use drag & drop zones only for dragging text into the search zones. An option to allow only marked text dragged into the zone, but not url's or images etc would be nice.

  • Ingenious! Now there are 4 1-click ways to search.

    Firstly, using keywords (KW); right clicking on a search field and pressing k will automatically insert %s in a bookmark's URL as a placeholder for query strings which are to be entered subsequently in the location bar preceded by the KW assigned.

    Secondly, highlight sth. and select Search For from the main context menu or AutoCopy's OSD/ alternatively type s. For a larger choice of search engines (SE) focus the search bar with a keyboard shortcut, paste and press F4/ Alt+up/ down arrow and navigate to a SE [N.B.: try keying the first letter]. With QuickDrag just drag what you've highlighted a few pixels into any direction to perform the search yet another way (hold down shift right away to suppress Drag & DropZones).

    Thirdly, simply drag what you highlighted onto the SE icon in the search bar and drop it onto an engine of choice. Second Search won't switch the engine hereafter. Organize Search Engines can make the drop-down list a menu (where you can hide DropZone Engines and those with a keyword assigned in a subfolder).

    Fourthly, install this xt which is akin to a radial menu.

    Request: I dislike redundancy, thus could you please allow for main context menu items to be removed therefrom with Menu Editor once they've been assigned an on-screen DropZone? These days I have to make the assignment and transfer the enabled commands out to History f.i. which isn't visible in my menu structure.

  • Great idea, nice design, save time but........

    ****Can you please add an option to open a new tab if I drop a word into a Websearch zone!!******

    Most of the time I don't want to navigate away from the current site I just need info on something in a new tab.

    Thanks a billion!!

  • this add-on definitely saves time!
    i would like to suggest to the software author to include an option where the user can choose where to open his search queries: in a new tab or in the same tab where the highlighted text was found. in the present version, the search item can only be opened in the same tab where that item is found. i would want sometimes to open another tab so that i can still browse through the present tab while the newer tab is loading. this new feature will save me a lot of time even more.

  • It will open searches in a new tab; you just have to set that preference in your tabbed browsing settings, to open searches from the search bar in a new tab.

  • Very nice, though why cannot it open in new window/tab? Would help a lot...

  • Is it just me, or does this seem overly complicated. It seems easier not to have it than to have it.

  • The add on is great, but it is a pity that it does not open search results in a new tab (I still want my regualr searches from search box to open in current tab). The other nice thing would be to add "search engine keywords" support.

  • It would be nice if this extension could distinguish between images and text.
    For e.g, why would you need to bring up Google search when you drag your image?
    Can't you have a different set of actions for each filetype/web element you drag?

    For this reason, I think Easy DragToGo is better, but it lacks any visual feedback of what the gesture is about to do (unlike this extension, and another dead extension called "Drag De Go", which is very popular. Unfortunately it doesn't support FF3.

    Overall, this extension is very well polished, but it needs to be improved functionally.

  • It is very intuitive and useful utility but it interferes with Easy DragToGo extension. Also, there is no option to option the search item in a new tab. By default it opens in the same tab.

    I am sure if the above can be sorted out, it will have a permanent place on my comp.

  • for a long time this is the best extension ever made!

  • The new version rocks. But a small problem, personally, I have more than 64 search engines....

  • checked settings... and found that my requirements are met if i untick a checkbox... so no more problems :)

    Thanks again!

  • Very nice indeed.

    THe only thing i don't like is that the default search engine is changed depending on what dropzone i put things. (haven't checked settings to see if this behaviour is possible to change, but as standard I think it shouldn't)

    i have one search engine that i prefer. I do not want to be robbed of the opportunity of using ctrl+k and typing in my query in the search box.. and that i'm then transferred to my prefered search engine.

    other than that I like it... I'm going to have a look in the settings to see if I can fix this problem myself. Otherwise I hope that others are bothered by this and that the developer(s) fix it :)

    Thanks for a great add-on :)

  • to Anjan Oleti :
    about 1. "context menu actions" will appear in settings when you will use right mous click at any web page afer installing this extnsion ;)

  • The support is awesome; the author is very helpful and quick.. just a couple of mails exchanged and the problem is now fixed :)
    This extension works great now!
    I feel sorry for having rated it poorly, earlier

  • 1. "Context Menu Actions" on the left panel is BLANK... So, I am unable to add any context menu item
    2. "Search Engines" shows only few of the search engines.. And it is not possible to drag any of them to the zones

    Is it because of incompatibility with any other addon???

    Its worth noting that Drop Zones in "Web Search Pro" works, but I can't use the context menu in that :((

    Plz help, I really like this idea

  • Brilliant idea! One small feature request: when you make a search, the window opens in a new tab in the background. Could you add an option to have the tab activate (focus) automatically on search?