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Ingenious! Now there are 4 1-click ways to search.

Firstly, using keywords (KW); right clicking on a search field and pressing k will automatically insert %s in a bookmark's URL as a placeholder for query strings which are to be entered subsequently in the location bar preceded by the KW assigned.

Secondly, highlight sth. and select Search For from the main context menu or AutoCopy's OSD/ alternatively type s. For a larger choice of search engines (SE) focus the search bar with a keyboard shortcut, paste and press F4/ Alt+up/ down arrow and navigate to a SE [N.B.: try keying the first letter]. With QuickDrag just drag what you've highlighted a few pixels into any direction to perform the search yet another way (hold down shift right away to suppress Drag & DropZones).

Thirdly, simply drag what you highlighted onto the SE icon in the search bar and drop it onto an engine of choice. Second Search won't switch the engine hereafter. Organize Search Engines can make the drop-down list a menu (where you can hide DropZone Engines and those with a keyword assigned in a subfolder).

Fourthly, install this xt which is akin to a radial menu.

Request: I dislike redundancy, thus could you please allow for main context menu items to be removed therefrom with Menu Editor once they've been assigned an on-screen DropZone? These days I have to make the assignment and transfer the enabled commands out to History f.i. which isn't visible in my menu structure.

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