AMAZING, JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Very creative add-on. This extension is very original and defines what firefox customization is all about that other extensions are lacking. They just replicate functions of others and not try something new and innovative. This saves me lots of time and it really is addictive to use. But this extension is far from perfect and I have a few gripes about it.
-make an option that if you drag something to an empty space, it would do nothing instead of trying to make it go to the domain. This gets very annoying if I accidentally dragged something and want to cancel it but I don't have any options
-second, on youtube, the player always stays on top of the grid, make the grid on top of everything
-and lastly, the major lacking of this addon that can compensate my problems above is the lack of options. More customizability, large favicons displayed on the center for a more polished look, resizing and having a custom amount of grids, and assigning what it does if you dragged an item in a blank space is really must.
Still, I give it 5 stars for originality and usability, please don't let development die and I hope you update this extension soon., cheers!

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