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  • I know longer use this, but when I did in the past, it was the best add-on for downloading multiple files.
  • Excellent app, real time saver. Works fine with Waterfox.
  • why I am done with mozilla
  • To all people that have problems with using DownThemAll!, just use WaterFox: https://www.waterfoxproject.org/en-US/waterfox/ Way better than the new Firefox, it's clean, light and is compatible with all your favorite legacy addons, addons like FlashGot, DownThemAll! and Session Manager :)
  • RIP
  • It is the best download manager I ever used, but when will it be available on Firefox Quantum?
  • nice
  • Por favor, ayúdennos! Hagan que funcione con Firefox Quantum.
  • ama
  • RIP
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  • las descargas son realmente mucho más rápidas, funciona a la perfección
  • easy and fastest
  • nice application
  • Perfect!!!
  • ikgeg
  • por que me ayuda mucho en las descargas que tengo que hacer

  • lumayan
  • Really good, but update pleeeease!
  • Not working now.. need to be updated
  • el mejor lastima que ya no tenga compatibilidad, firefox deberia rescatarlos
  • Excellent add-on, but please update for Firefox Quantum
  • good
  • !!!
  • Es excelente extension, ¿van a desarrollar la version compatible con el último firefox?