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Hello Nils and Federico. Thanks for creating this wonderful add-on. It is a very nice add-on and has the power to replace external download managers.
Though, i have two suggestions for this:

1. In the morning, I was downloading a movie of about 90 MB, downloaded, 80 MB. Resume at evening and dta return an error server connection not found. I believe that OK, because maybe the link was expired and dta can't do anything about this. But, what bad happened was that it deleted even that downloaded 80 MB. Please fix this. It should be like when, dta didn't find the sever or link, it should state that and should give the option to refresh link address, and in the least should not delete partial downloaded file.

2. There should be some mechanism between dta and Firefox built in downloader, by which downloads can be imported and exported between these two.

Abhishek K. Pandey

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