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  • hooo.....

  • love the app does the job, would love to see development on this app for future browser

  • no la he podido descargar

  • new update plz

  • Facilita demais

  • Not Qouantum. Is No go

  • It is an amazing addon, please update to support new Firefox

  • En verdad funciona, no como muchas otras extensiones que son farsa. Lástima que ya no sirva desde Quantum. :(

  • How it is missing in the new firefox

  • todo

  • it is good!

  • é il migliore, il più semplice e immediato da usare.

  • hbjhjhj

  • Con este programa bajaba la musica de internet

  • Semplicemente un must-have. 5 stelle d'incoraggiamento, che quantum non abbia disponibile dta non è accettabile! l'autore latita da dicembre, questa mancanza di update è snervante in effetti.
    a must have! 5stars to encourage the author, have dta unavailable on quantum is just unacceptable! the author is missing since december, this lack of updates is stressing me out.

  • расширение отличное, жалко что разработчик забросил его, оно не поддерживается Firefox начиная с версии57

  • Muy buena extensión pero que mal el que firefox no imponga reglas para el desarrollo de aplicaciones a partir de la versión Quantum

  • i can not wait this addons available on Firefox Quantum ^_^

  • buena

  • 일괄 이미지 저장 기능 향상

  • WAS the best download extension for FF, but since the release of Quantum, it's no longer compatible with the browser. I'm guessing that the creators of this add-on have abandoned the it, since there have been no updates or news from them since December 2017. In addition to Quantum, I still have the last FF version that worked with DownThemAll! installed, for the times when I want to use it. Too bad.

  • good

  • i always loved using this add-on

    update it for quantum pls

  • I have kept my Firefox at 56.02, the last edition where this works.

    It is one of three add-ons whose utility is worth more to me than FF57 Quantum.

    So PLEASE developer, get it working with 57 or explain why you can't on your description

  • best download manager for FF, too bad it is not available for FF Quantum :(