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  • Not works on VIMEO.
  • After thorough testing I have come to the conclusion that this does absolutely nothing. It's ether poor programing or spyware/adware.
  • Terrible.. some losers attempt at writing malware. Doesn't work, never worked. Period
  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox".
  • Not only does it not work, it prevents ''Video Download Helper'' from working. It is suspected malware because it won't uninstall. Even one star is too high of a rating!
  • Clic on the keeptube button have no effect, except seeing a stupid list if trying with right button.
  • It does nothing. No buttons, no way to download anything. The homepage is a 404 error. Better stay away from it. Might be harmful ?!
  • This extension is not an extension, it's an extorsion.
    After installing, nothing appeared as on the screenshots.
    On the website, Faq, assistance, comparison? 404 page not found!!
    You can only go to their main page if you want to download something.
    But the worst was the bandwith usage: 14Gb in one day! For nothing!
    I promptly uninstalled it, and I hope it has not left any maleware behind.
    After reading the tons of comments on this page, I realise I'm not the only one having big issues with this addon...
  • реализация говно
  • not working on dailymotion
  • bueno
  • not working on dailymotion and youtube, useless
  • Didnt work
  • If you get it, you'll never be able to uninstall it. It will always be there cluttering up every video you watch.
  • es el mejor programa que an creado que reproduce todos formatos no se porque le dieron de baja (
    It is the best program that created an which plays all formats do not is because gave it low)
  • didn't work with vimeo. didn't test any further, as the blurb said it would. we're done here.
  • いまいち使えない、と言うよりどうやってダウンロードするのさ?
  • ❥Morgana♫•*¨*•❀•*¨*•❤
  • Leider wird man zum Download auf die Seite von Keep-tube umgeleitet, welche dann noch diverse Spambanner beinhaltet. Aber es tut was es verspricht. Auch wenn man Addblocker und NoScript massiv abschalten muss
  • Once again youtube changed their code, so this not longer works
  • It takes me to their website, that is, keep-tube.com instead of giving me the download pop-up window as one would expect. Not only this, on their website too, i don't get the download link, although since I've just switched over to a mac environment from the pc, i don't know if it needs java installed to be able to do that and I'm not sure if i have it.
  • Doesn't work with FF4 properly.
  • I've tried this add on for quite a few months now and finally came to the conclusion that it doesn't always do as it promises. It promises many supported websites but the truth of the matter is it only truly works on Youtube (most of the time). There has never been a time ive been able to download videos on veoh, dailymotion, or metacafe, Just youtube. However, it doesn't always work on youtube either. You see a video you want to download and under it is a "keep-tube" button which, when you click it, doesn't download the video automatically but instead takes you to a keep tube page which Firefox may or may not have blocked as an attack page. (this has been happening today). Assuming firefox didn't block this ad infested page you are then to scroll down to the bottom and wait (usually 5 seconds) until the page loads links and buttons they call "download options" this is where you get a choice of downloading unpopular formats of either high or low qualities of mp4 or flv. that is all. (keep tube is not a converter). in many cases you finally get the Vids you've been clicking for but more often is when the page never loads the download options at all. and you're left waiting but nothing loads. if you leave the computer and come back 15 minutes laters you will find that nothing's changed. If it's a mistake for me to say that this is a regular occurance then i will say that it's definitely a Weekly occurance. If you go to the main "keep-tube" page, assuming that it hasn't also been blocked as an attack page, there is an option of complaining about the problems you are having with the keep tube addon, however if you get a response it's always the same "Upgrade your java", even if you already have the latest version. I give this addon a 1 because, tho it is easy to use, there is tedious clicking of buttons to an ad page that may or may not load to give you the vid. the AD always loads, however the vid may not. and the pages get reported as attack pages way too often There are much better addons that will give you the vids with just one click, some will even convert to popular formats. this add on is ok, but not the best
  • I use Firefox 3.6 and this plug do what it was meant to do: you really can download the streaming videos from everywhere in any format, with possibility to choose the resolution. I really don´t know why other users claim this add-on doesn´t work. Great add-on.