Dev Should Have Anticipated Fx20 Release Breaking Functionality Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I have been a very long time user of this addon and have a special place in my heart for it. I like the way its written, the way it works, the options it has and it is part of my package of addons that go into a new profile without fail.

However, as it has become abundantly clear, the release of Fx20 has broken this addon's functionality and I have to say with respect to all who have provided "workarounds" that disable private browsing to get it to work is not a solution, highly advised against and frankly a piss poor solution. The fact is that Fx20 has been in the works since the last release and any developer should be on top of compatibilities for the upcoming releases to ensure their addon continues to work without fail. The fact that this is how we are finding out and now expecting the addon to be fixed in response to a problem, rather than preventing it like the hundreds of professional developers on AMO that keep up with code changes without interruption in the functionality of their addon.

To make matters worse, the link provided for the addon's homepage which supposedly would also serve as its support center is invalid and that's a shame. With no way to get support through legitimate means, people are left to putting their issues here in reviews which is the inappropriate forum for airing such issues and should focus on the evaluation of the quality of the addon and not be the only means to notify the developer of issues with it.

I am highly disappointed to say the least and hope that the developer begins some serious work on setting up a proper page for both support and related information for this addon, as well as doing a better job to keep up with changes in the Fx code which are mind you quite a bit and frankly getting ridiculous, but still if you are going to make an addon for something, you have to take that into account and keep up with it. Others do it and is frankly a regular part of the development and future compatibility cycle.

And for anyone who is going to make the "its free, what do you want" argument, don't belittle the principle of professionalism and providing a quality product. The fact is that you choose to make something, you should either do it right and with consistency and professionalism, or just don't do it. Free shouldn't equal crap and never should be considered an excuse for doing less than your best on something.

This in no way is intended to be offensive, belittling, or ungrateful and should not be taken as negative criticism or bashing in any way. It is intended as an honest and sincere feedback on something I began by giving my compliment and appreciation for. Therefore if I didn't care about it, I wouldn't have taken the time to write this, so take it as constructive criticism arising out of frustration stemming from disappointment at the loss of functionality with hope that it will help avoid future stumbles.