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It`s great add-on, simple and easy to use. Main advantage is possibility creating a download plan.

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Now I'm downloading files that are set in advance. Very useful addition

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I want to ask a question regarding the dowload plan add for mozilla.

I want to schedule a download for every day at the same hour but i can't
find the option. The only way is to schedule the download every morning
manually and the other day i should do the same thing. Is there any option
to download by it self every day.

For ex: i want to download a doc from a website. This website upload this
doc every day at 5 am. Is this possible ?


Is not possible, but a great idea.

In the next version I will add this function. Thank you.

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Extremely extremely useful for watching my sports. I download my sports from share sites like and other things, and for free users they let you download once every 15minutes. And they always break up the video by quarter. So before I would watch one quarter and forget to come back to download the next quarter while I was watching. It was so annoying I gave up.

Now I download the 1st quarter, and then set up with this plan to download the 2nd 15min after 1st download finishes, and then 3rd after the 2nd finishes, and 4th. Now while I'm watching I don't have to keep in mind if my download finished and if the proper time is elapsed (that is a huge headache I can't enjoy the game). Thanks for this!

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You already have some possibility to add downloads to be activated later and the possibility to initiate a download plan.

It would be nice to enhance these with the download window. When downloading, users might prefer to just left click on a link. The normal behaviour of Firefox is to show a download option window with the question what you want to do, where you want to save it. It would be nice to have an option to select the download plan if you want to save it later.

By doing this you incorporate it with Firefox native operating procedure. It makes the add-on user friendly with a couple of methods how you choose to make your plan. Also other add-ons like for example, flashgot, download them all, save link in folder, automatic save folder, save link and open with are placed in the download option window. With download plan next to it you have all the download options in one place.

And yes I do have most off the add-ons mentioned because with them I can select the download method for the specific task with ease. Only download plan is absent which is a pity.

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Really great addon! The UI is beautiful and functional! Recommended.

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