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  • I use all the time as a great Download manager!
  • Потрясающее дополнение, Очень жаль что автор прекратил поддержку продукта.
  • A nice complement to Waterfox 56.2.2.
  • oke
  • Great addon, please keep updating!
  • Оно маленькое, оно простенькое, но оно делает именно то, что нужно!
  • love this addon, waiting quantum support.
  • Version 1.0.13 works perfectly up to Firefox 56.0.2. I hope you can do something for Firefox 57 and beyond
  • Awesome
  • Works fine with FF 56, very convenient, thanks for great addon. Standard FF downloads interface is horrible.
  • installed it because i was looking for some tweaks, nothing happened after installing it!?
  • Не работает с Firefox 57.
  • Deeply the arrival of an update, a version for Firefox 57.x
    Thank you for your work
    We cannot donate you?
  • Such a good addon, glad to see it fixed.
  • normaly very good, but don't work with Firefox 54
    Error-Code =
    XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Nicht definierte Entität
    Adresse: chrome://downloadmgr/content/downloadmgrOverlay.xul
    Zeile Nr. 85, Spalte 5: ----^
  • I've always enjoyed this add-on, too bad Mozilla decided to display that big manager from version 56, I totally hate it as it is meaningless to me to open bookmarks and history in the same place - I never bookmark downloads directly and probably nobody or very few do...
  • i use this add on but now in mozila 56.0 version its add on not workoing please update its...
  • XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://downloadmgr/content/downloadmgrOverlay.xul
    Line Number 85, Column 5: ----^
  • Since updating Firefox, the add on no longer works, properly.
    I get an error pop up and although the download is done, the add on is no longer working as it should.
    I modified the max version, but it states that the add on is corrupt and won't install.
    Please update.
    Thank you. :)
  • Because there is no update after Moz 55 I haven't updated yet... This is one of the addons I use for years and there is no alternative... Firefox without the Download Manager Tweak is like every other Browser... PLEASE update... I am one of those who donate for good and functioning Addons and here I defenetly would give my share!!
  • Quando me arrependo de fazer download de algum arquivo, posso delatá-lo do pc, ou então delatá-lo da lista. Isso permite que minha lista de downloads fique menor e dessa forma posso depois consultar quais arquivos de fato eu fiz download e quando fiz download.
    Também é útil para abrir a pasta ou abrir o arquivo rapidamente.
    Também é útil para deixar a lista de downloads abrindo em outra janela.
    Recomendo para pessoas que sabem usar o navegador e querem algo para deixar mais organizado.
    Dica: Independentemente de ter este add-on ou não, utilize Ctrl + J para visualizar a lista de downloads.
  • Hi
    I'm using download manager tweak at least from 6 years
    I don't know how can I use firefox without this extension, so please update download manager tweak to web Ex format as soon as possible so it will work in firefox 57 also
  • Download Manager Tweak for ff54.0 Can not work properly, start, delete, and other buttons are not available, the download process can only start with the pause, and can not be deleted directly!! Looking forward to updating soon, thank you!!!
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 52.0.2.

    I give you 5 stars for the new Firefox.


    On April 14, 2017:

    Thanks for Download Manager Tweak 1.0.12 compatible with Firefox 52.0.2.

    Have a good day!
  • Impossible de choisir le dossier de destination des fichiers avec Firefox 52.0.1 (x64).