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  • not utile anymore since it's integrated by default in firefox now dom.targetBlankNoOpener.enabled

    edit: add one star after response from dev

    Are you sure it's usable right now?
    I've been tracking https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1522083 for this functionality and it seems (according to that issue) that this flag has not been officially implemented yet due to blocking issues in other areas (It seems to stop downloads from working when opened in new tabs for example).
    I also do not see anything in the release notes of 68, 69 and 70.

    Would love to hear from you if I have the wrong information!

    This extension works a little different from the 'dom.targetBlankNoOpener' flag by the way. The flag adds noopener to ALL target=_blank links, this extension only adds them when the domain name does not match the link name.
    (Once the flag is fully operable I will make this difference clear in the description, since some people might prefer one solution/implementation over the other)
  • Not bad very resourceful
  • Simple and effective
  • I was going to say that: This addon was not necessary anymore because Mozilla has changed the Firefox configuration BUT I was wrong. Although dom.targetBlankNoOpener.enabled has been changed from "true" to "false" in the config file yet no one is protected. Everyone should test it here: https://mathiasbynens.github.io/rel-noopener/
    Edit (after developer response):
    Strange, because for me it did not fail. The test worked once your addon was activated. I suppose it's linked with another tweak I have done in the FF about:config page...
    Thank you for your review! I'm also keeping a close eye on the changes they are planning/making lately.

    (Please note that with this add-on installed, the test you linked still "fails". This is because DTMT allows 'noopener' when target links are from the same domain.)
  • This is a perfect example of why extensions need to exist. Browser vendors can't decide to fix this security hole (in hopes of not breaking old websites), and this extension takes matter into its own hands to protect users from the common pitfall of developers forgetting (or not knowing) to include the rel="noopener". I was slightly concerned at the permission to "Access your data for all websites", however after downloading I opened up the source code and found for myself that the developer was genuine in his description. Thanks for some great simple software!
  • much better than useless "dom.targetBlankNoOpener.enable" that break the internet.
    Hi! Thanks for your review!

    While I'm happy to see that steps are being taken to make the behavior of this add-on a standard, in my experience, adding 'rel=noopener' to ANY 'target=_blank' hyperlink breaks quite a few websites. (Even this add-on's milder implementation breaks a few websites that have unnecessary navigational logic in place.)

    Rest assured, this add-on will be available in any form necessary to give us control over 'rel=noopener' while websites and browsers are figuring out how to live in peace without breaking user experiences.