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Ghostery displays blocked items even if they were already blocked by another application, whilst DNT+ displays only what it has itself blocked (no redundancy).
I have a security/privacy background which blocks I guess practically every nasty matter, and when I tested GhostScript it mentioned having blocked what was already blocked, and when I tested DNT+ it mentioned only what it had blocked itself : still a few :)
This could be an explanation, considering Rosa1606 already has items blocked by other means (HOSTS file, AdBlock+, or others?)

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I won't go to Ghostery add-on page to comment on the fact that it slows down page rendering (let's stay positive!) but I do come here to state that 'Do Not Track Plus' (DNT+) is fast, it even fastens certain pages because its efficiency is not altered by the time required for its work, and is therefor twice efficient : with a 55,000+ URLs blocking HOSTS file & SpyBot & Spyware Blaster & AdBlock Pus (including tracking filters) DNT+ still manages to find the toughest guys :)
Nice work (when the goin' gets tough, the tough get rough!) -- Appreciated.

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