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It does what it says on the tin and I am happy about it.
I am a translator and type all day—you can't imagine how many times I pressed it during a typical day instead of the backspace. Yammo is right, whoever thought it was a good idea to implement a single keystroke shortcut of no use to pretty much 95% (or more) of Firefox users is a plain idiot. And it's surprising that this issue has never been addressed. At the contrary, I arrived here from the original Mozilla help board. That's plain sad. 5 stars anyway, good job JasnaPaka—thanks!

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I have to agree with Yammo... single-key shortcuts are such a stupid idea. See also "Backspace Disabler" extension. Does anybody know how to disable the slash key? That is a much worse problem since that key needs to be used much more often.

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The fact that someone has to ADD a PLUGIN to disable a shortcut, is such an undescribable failure on Mozilla's part. Not a single designer, programmer or project lead sat back and thought - "hey, maybe programmers would like to be in control of their own keyboard - perhaps we shouldn't block COMMONLY used keys from usage".

Hey you guys at Mozilla, this plugin says only ONE thing - that you are full on retards!

Any user that reads this, who has not used Firefox... just stay away from this sinking ship of failure.

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Simple, lo instalás y funciona inmediatamente. :)