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When I installed this Add-On , I was expecting that I have to use some kind of Right-Click option or selecting words and then pressing some key etc . But it was actually not complicated but in fact very simple . Thats why initially I didn't know how to use it . I therefore came to read some reviews to learn how to use it . To my surprise I found its use so simple , easy and quick that I could hardly believe it. Just by hovering the pointer over a word and double-clicking the word brings up a small pop-up window in no time and the word definition is there as given in dictionary.com . If you still wont understand the meaning of the word you looked up , there is an option of " See more " given in color in the end of the definition in the same pop-up window and by clicking that it takes you directly to the detailed explanation page . You can look up more than 60 words a minute , if you are that fast , by clicking any word on any web page and it will pop up the definitions quickly . Interestingly you can close the small pop- up window by just double clicking again anywhere without taking the pointer to a specific place . I used this application by going to some websites and double-clicking some unfamiliar and difficult words and it worked perfectly like a magic without the need to leave the page . It made my life easy and i thought to myself that if I am not donating any amount then at least i can write a good review to help others . I dont know why there are so less reviews . May be the application is new . Anyways , I specifically made an account here to write this review. Today was actually my installation day and together with this application I found three other applications which made browsing Internet very easy for me . The other three are < EscCloseTab > , < DblClicker > , and < Thumbnail Zoom Plus > . I am yet to write reviews for those and I believe many of you will like all these four applications .

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