I agree with Scree! Bewertet mit 3 von 5 Sternen

I agree with Scree's comment; "Options" should be available from Firefox's built-in Add-ons Manager, not hidden away in the Tools menu!

I installed this add-on, based on the rating, and because it's "official". I did not like the default behavior (showing definition on double-click). I went to the Add-on Manager in Firefox, and did not see an "Options" button. I then promptly removed the plugin out of disgust.

It was only after removing the plugin, and coming back to leave a scathing, 1-star review, when I saw how to get into the configuration.

As for pronunciation, we live in a world of HTML 5-enabled browsers. Additional plugins should NOT be required to for audio.

+5 stars for great plugin
-1 star for hard-to-find configuration menu
-1 star for requiring another plugin for pronunciation

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I agree with you too!

Apologies for the oversight. Our mistake when developing and will fix soon going forward and hoping you'll reconsider. Thanks for your patience...