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  • vaya mierda aportan aqui
  • ... 5 Star-Addon ... it is very logical from the functions and the software engine works perfect.
  • nice :)
    But how to search a word in the address bar by a keyboard shortcut in Firefox?
    I search with Google with the letter g and Ecosia with e, and i want to search with d on dict.cc.
    How to manage this?
    That's possible without an extension:
    Open dict.cc, rightclick in the search field (of the webpage, not the address bar). select "Add a keyword for this site". Enter "d" into the input field "keyword". Save -> Done.

    There is a shorter way to search dict.cc using this extension (without even opening dict.cc). Press Alt + Q. This does the same as clicking on the toolbar button of this extension.
  • Really nice add-on that offers various display modes for the translation. Plus it doesn't use damn Google.
  • Just a few minutes ago I found out about the many (semi-new ?) configuration options available like the gestures and the micro panel option for the context menu - these are awesome and work really well : )

    Still, I have one very small suggestion:
    Could you make it so when you click the taskbar icon it automatically puts the cursor into the Translation text field, so you can start typing instantly and not have to click in the field first?
    Otherwise, as I said, very good work : )

    Edit: Thanks for the reply : )
    Well, then you really can't do anything about it : )

    I didn't know if you'd also understand German, so I wrote this in English to be safe - also, more people can understand what I wrote this way : )
    Thanks. The text field should focus automatically, but it doesn't due to a bug in Firefox. It seems they are working on it, but it's not ready yet:

    The bug has been fixed in the nightly build of Firefox. So it's going to be available with Firefox 60.
  • Das AddOn ist sehr praktisch und benutzerfreundlich, besonders wenn man bei den AddOn-Einstellungen einstellt, dass neue Ergebnisse im MicroPanal geöffnet werden: Man markiert den zu übersetzenden Text, drückt rechte und linke Maustaste, und in einem kleinen Panel erscheint die Übersetzung.
  • Limited Langs
    If you're not satisfied with the amount of languages dict.cc (the website) offers, then this add-on clearly is not for you.

    All languages available on the website can also be used in the add-on. No reason to give the add-on a bad rating.

    Dict.cc is indeed limited, as the first language has to be english or german. But there are a lot more to choose from for the second language: https://browse.dict.cc/

    Of course this does not come close to the quantity of languages google offers, but it does yield better results in my opinion.

    I hope this helps.
  • Hi Lusito!

    Working with your great Add-on for Years, but with Firefox 57.0.1 the Micropanel in Version 5.2 doesn't work at all. Also the Micropanel in Beta Version 5.3a unfortunately doesn't work. Is it just me or is it a general Problem? Many Thanks in advance for your help!

    Many Greetings from Thailand!

    Hi Joy,

    sorry about the delay.. for some reason, I did not get any notification about this post.
    The micropanel works fine for me. Is it a specific website on which it doesn't work? (addons.mozilla.org is not allowed for example)
    Have you tried using a different method to show the micropanel? Like rocker gestures, quick click or context menu?
    What OS are you using?

    If everything fails, would you be willing to try some things to find the source of the problem? like test the add-on with a fresh browser profile, to see if it might be some setting or another extension conflicting with this extension.

  • Works great and seems to be well maintained.
  • Need to improve the speed of translation. If possible, please add more dictionary source instead of only Google Translate!
    Thanks for your review. The speed of translation depends mostly on the website of dict.cc. Not much I can do about that. If dict.cc would provide a real API, It might be possible to speed it up, but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

    This is not using google translate.. it's using dict.cc. I've thought about adding more sources, but that would require a lot of changes, and thus a lot of work. Also those sources would have to agree to this (for example I wanted to add urban dictionary, but at the time, they denied my request).
  • I will have to deactivate this plugin until this is fixed.
    The '@' char is required everywhere, now i can't even enter my e-mail adress because this dict quick search toolbar pops up when pressing ALT+Q.

    @Follow Up answer
    Sorry, i meant Alt Gr + Q. It happened on a Windows 7 Prof System while trying to comment to a Youtube comment.
    To test it again, i reactivated the plugin and i think i now narrowed the problem down.
    It seems to be, that my keyboard layout was accidently set to the English layout (EN) during that session (i have that windows language keyboard layout icon in the lower right corner) and i didn't noticed that.
    When the layout is set to English on the software side in Win 7 pressing Alt Gr + Q will result in this pop-up of the dict search bar.
    If i set it back to DE layout in the lower right corner, everything works fine again.
    So probably my fault.
    I don't know if its possible to make the plugin ignore the key combination of Alt Gr + Q if the layout is accidentally set to English layout but it would be a good thing in my opinion.
    I will give the plugin now 5 stars.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Thanks for the report, but that has never been the case for me.
    On Windows and Linux, Alt Gr + Q is used for @. Not Alt + Q. Alternatively, Ctrl + Alt + Q can be used, which also does not trigger the add-on.
    I've researched Mac, but they seem to use a completely different combination for the @.

    Could you give some insight into what system uses this shortcut for the @? (It's not the keyboard layout, as I'm using the german keyboard layout as well)

    Sadly, there is no way to change this from firefox. chrome would allow to edit those shortcuts. But I could make this different per OS.
    The only other way would be to use a different shortcut or to not have a shortcut. Let me know if you have suggestions.