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Thanks for this addon. For people with many bookmarks, it makes for much smaller bookmark backup files. It comes in handy when I reinstall Firefox, and forget to block favicons. I just used this in Firefox 23.0.1 for deleting all bookmark icons. Here is how: After installing this addon click "Show all bookmarks" from the Bookmarks menu. Then "Delete all site icons" from the "Organize" menu. It works almost instantly. To prevent new favicons see info here: - info from that page: To prevent new favicons go to about:config and change the three parameters below to the following values.
* - False.
* - 0.
* - False.
All the above info needs to be put in "About this Add-on". Developers need to explain how things work, or many people will not bother to try out their great work. I have not tried this addon out for deleting a single favicon, and so I can not verify if that works or not. Feel free to delete my previous review with the no-longer-working link.

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