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The DeeperWeb Team

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Warum wurde "DeeperWeb - Boost and Customize Google Search" geschaffen?

We love searching with Google. We love it so much that we came up with several ideas of how to make Google searching more fun and effective - so we decided to share it with all.
Hope our efforts bring value to your searching activities!

Was kommt als Nächstes für DeeperWeb - Boost and Customize Google Search

Your contribution will help us maintain and advance DeeperWeb. We have many great ideas for additional improvements and your support will help us implement them better and faster.
As a few examples: we are looking at supporting additional search engines, more languages, additional "Zoomies" (the mini-search engines) and a much requested feature of customizing which Zoomies should appear.
As always we would very much like to hear your input about what you'd like to see enhanced!

Über den Entwickler

Name The DeeperWeb Team
Homepage http://www.deeperweb.com
Benutzer seit March 30, 2009
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