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Warum wurde "Decreased Productivity" geschaffen?

The main reason I created DP was because at work my monitor is readily visible to passers by and I wanted the freedom to browse non work related websites occasionally without having to worry people's perceptions of my work ethic or possibly being reprimanded for abusing company resources.

I also get tired of having to type in markup syntax when posting on various blogs, forums or other sites that support HTML, Markdown or BBCode markup so I created some context menu shortcuts.

Was kommt als nächstes für Decreased Productivity

Right now DP is a work in progress and an excuse to hone my JavaScript skills and learn XUL.

I would like to increase the functionality of DP to make it as useful as possible. I'm planning on adding Blacklists and Whitelists for the Work-Safe mode. If possible I'd like to tie into session restore so that Work-Safe mode settings are remembers per tab in the event of restarts or crashes.

Currently DP has fixed keyboard shortcuts for the HTML markup but in the future I'd like to make these customizable for any of the supported markup syntax. I'd considering adding a site list that might change the behavior of the keyboard shortcuts based on the site you're on so that they invoke the appropriate markup syntax supported by that site.

I would love to hear what other tweaks and features others want to see in DP.

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