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  • It was working beautifully until about 2 months ago when website loading slowed down a lot. When I disable the addon the sites load up instantly. The addon works perfectly fine on Chrome but for whatever reason it's not smooth on Firefox which is a shame since I prefer that browser. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  • Volvió lento el navegador
  • Feature rich and easy to use addon that makes my browsing experience better at night!
  • It does the job, and there are (currently and as far as I know) no alternatives. It's VERY resource intensive, and constantly slows down pages. I therefore only have it active on my gaming computer (a beast) and have deactivated it on my work computer. If you could make this less resource intensive, it would be 5 stars.
  • Works butttt I think someone is mining coins
    too many script injections
  • Juste fantastique!
  • This extension corrects the colors in dark mode instead of just inverting them, but it still has a memory leak. Certain webpages will cause Firefox to start filling my 32GB of RAM fairly quickly (300 MB/s). I was hoping this had been fixed since the last time I tried it.