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  • Using Firefox 71.0 64-bit. It is either on all the way, or off. When I loaded my location for the sunset setting, it did nothing. Always on day and night.

    I finally decided to uninstall it when everything slowed down to a crawl and started breaking. Never had this happen before I installed it.

    I guess that I'll just stick with f.lux instead.
  • It's works, but not everywhere. Unfortunately, there has no option to report to the developers about the page where extension not work well.
    Работает, но не всегда правильно. К сожалению, нет возможности отправлять разработчикам отчет о странице, на которой расширение работает неправильно.
  • Muy bonito, facebook y google noticias mas fácil de leer. :)
  • this will help my eyes hurt less while working