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  • It's works, but not everywhere. Unfortunately, there has no option to report to the developers about the page where extension not work well.
    Работает, но не всегда правильно. К сожалению, нет возможности отправлять разработчикам отчет о странице, на которой расширение работает неправильно.
  • Muy bonito, facebook y google noticias mas fácil de leer. :)
  • this will help my eyes hurt less while working
  • Software / Addons / Plugins / Websites with a mostly bright background, are for me the most questionable phenomenon, probably without a conspiratorial .. haha ​​.. background.

    Why are almost all monitors / TV's black?
    They stand for the empty space to the requirement of material value.
    That can be planets, Video content or virtual buttons such as icons and menus.

    We need light to exist: there are suns for that.
    And a sun that lets us recognize everything important in a pleasant way, is the creation with the name "Dark Reader"

    Thanks for your Light
  • Incredible, Mind(Eye)-Blowing, Extremely Soothing, a Must-Have. This extension is a Work-Of-Art. There is no other dark-mode reader like this. The authors have taken pains to select the proper contrasting colors. It makes even existing dark-mode ready websites better.
  • nice tool!
  • esta genial la capacidad que tiene para altenrar el fondo en muchos sitios y el configurarlo para que solo sea en algunos me encanto