1.590 Bewertungen
  • Amazingly competent for all sites. I would still recommend Stylish styles because they're customized for their respective sites, but styles often get outdated, while Dark Reader does a great job of darkening any site without weird artifacts.
  • Please do it dark reader for Opera Browser. You are amazing
  • An amazing extension that makes reading at night as smooth as butter.
  • The most stupid addons of all the firefox life ! Don't use it.
    How many dollars did you give to mozilla to put it on "recommended addons" ? 1.000.000 $ ? 2.000.000 $ ?
    0,01 $ is too much for that stupid thing.
    Please put off from "recommended addons" ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • intelligently made dark mode viewer.
  • Looks great, Slows browser
  • I love how how I can make my sites in dark mode perfection
  • Thank you for this addon. Only used it for a couple sites but it is so beautiful it isn't just a dark mode it also still has some colors so it feels like official dark mode on a lot of sites that don't support it natively.