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  • This lacks proper configuration to be any good. "Dark Background and Light Text" is a better option.
  • Comment L'enlever à volonté ?
  • 配色不错,但是在深色模式下无法看到搜索栏中输入的字,百度搜索栏,win10自带输入法
  • Lo que Busccaba, me molestaba ver paginas con color blanco y eso dañaba mi vista, simplemente GENIAL
  • Классное дополнение. Очень не хватало тёмных тем на сайтах. Глаза отдыхают)
  • Thank you very much
  • Wonderful tool, but accessibility needs to be improved. There should be an option to activate the extension by mouse with one click instead popping out the menu and clicking on. For this reason Dark Mode extension is so handy.