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  • Amazingly effective. Only very few websites dont gel well with some strange anomalies but at least this add-on can be toggled on and off. Fantastic work. Thanks
  • Excellent !!
  • 全体が見やすくなりますが、処理が高負荷で低スペックのPCでは速度を低下させてしまいます。
  • This add-on saves my eyes big time while I'm doing homework. On top of this, the add-on won't make most websites look like they have been modified in any way (unlike some other add-ons which invert random images and leave blocky artifacts on webpages.) Big thanks to the creator!
  • this treats google.com and youtube.com as same site, i want dark reader "on" on google but not on youtube because youtube has its own dark mode.
  • Super!