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  • harika
  • Works across almost every website except some weird ones like Adobe that probably have weird HTML/CSS rules. I honestly just use this rather than the built in dark-modes that come with other websites.
  • Works incredibly well. The settings, the quality and everything work perfectly. I'm so glad I found this extension.
  • frequently would not work. Especially if you open up a page and it would work. However if you went to a different Tab and came back to that first page it would not be functioning...

    Using on Android galaxy s7 for Verizon
  • 不错,能否把 Firefox 地址栏也变色!
  • The best dark themer. It does a great job converting websites to dark mode without breaking them or making them unusable. There are slight issues here and there on some sites but usually nothing major. If you have trouble with a site then you can always disable it for that site. Great add-on and a must for people who want dark mode.