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  • 非常感谢开发者,很棒,晚上能好好玩手机了。
  • When you enable dark mode it doesn't work properly. Also what is not mentioned is that if you try to scan a QR in e.g. whatsapp web it doesn't work until you disable dark mode.
  • Ok, so i have been doing some comparison with other extensions of the same kind.

    My conclusion after being OCD testing on and off the different extensions is that Dark Reader have the best quality themes for the eyes, like its meant to be.

    And no, it does not slow down nothing.

    A winner!
  • system make so slow
  • Saves My Eyeballs made an account just for this addon
  • Been using this for months and love it. A few of the other dark extensions I've tried can break some site elements; I've never experienced that with this one.
  • This is what I have been waiting for years.

    Works great on any site I read, on all of my devices (Android 8 & 9, Windows 10), has individual settings for all sites.

    Thank you 😂
  • je n'aime pas
  • Можно настраивать фон даже в светлых темах.
    Абсолютно то, что нужно!
  • Works very well for an all-in-one solution, and has a good amount of features. Would recommend if you value your eyes.