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I usually use different ways to perform searching, depending on which one is more convenient.

But one feature I demand is to perform search immediately when I am typing in the address bar as it will be the fastest way for me at that situation.

This addon does the exact work, it saves my time from opening a new search page in case the results I need is most likely at top.

It is user-friendly, simple and easy-to-learn.

A great time-saver for you to quickly have a look on results on the awesome bar.

BTW, I loves the smart word function as well.

Thank you for the great effort you have put.

Finally, just a friendly reminder:
If the slim-extension list (in Mr. Tech's toolkit / all-in-one sidebar is activated and extension is listed in a sidebar, the addon's icon is distorted. For sure, it won't affect the operation of the addon)

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