95 Bewertungen
  • love it, don't know how i lived without it.
  • verymuch thankyou for cyberghost gave me wonderful experience
  • does a good job on decensoring but it may switch off without your knowledge.
  • Arkadaşlar mükemmel bir vpn eklentisi, kullandığım tüm vpn eklentileri sorun çıkardı ya da yavaştı. CyberGhost bu işin bir numarası ve tamamen limitsiz bir kullanımı var.
  • Crap. Doesn't do the one job it's supposed to.
  • If for some reason the tunnel is lost, it does not warn you, does not have a "kill switch" or some way to stop traffic, nothing. So you could be at that expensive coffee shop, with this product on, go to amazon (that doesn't work cuz amazon hates VPN traffic), and use your credit card, thinking you are safe, but you didn't notice a tiny flag changed and your info stolen. You thought you were safe, and not a flash, not a beep from your speakers. This is a serious security flaw.