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I like that this goes all the way across with nice colors, yet unobtrusive. Good job. You are very good at this.

Thank you so much, cheli. I am so glad you found one of my designs that will work for you. Have a wonderful 2017! ♥

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had to switch from the other winter one of Yours cuz this one is just right amount of cyan color for my desktop! YOU ROCK MaDonna!! MORE blessings for You and Yours! May the blessings You give SO many return to You and Yours 100 fold! like that would be possible! ;-)

Wow, what a wonderful review. Thank you so much and bless you. I love cyan, too. ♥

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Real winter

Thank you. Glad you like it.

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beautiful theme

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ein wunderschönes Winterpersona, leider in der linken oberen Ecke etwas unruhig