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Amazing butttt , is say but not bcoz it has any bug but bcoz if one option is added to it then it will be a multipurpose addon for me.
Many time i have to copy the URL of the current tab , for which i usually go to address bar and press control C. With Copy URL expert i found out one workaround for myself, i close all other tabs and work only in one tab and the moment i need to copy URL i press the button and i m done,
So my request is that can we have an option to copy current Tab url only.

I recently used the open location feature. I had more than 20 urls to open and the moment i opened them using the addon feature, it loaded all of them simultaneously and as a result cpu usage and heat both increased tremendously and i had to shut down my laptop so that it cud cool a bit. So my request plz add a sthg like delay between opening of tabs or open like 2 or 3 tabs at a time.

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