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  • Verry usefull for unformated txt!
  • For those seeking the Ctrl V replacement, its not possible. You could try other software like PureText. But you will have to assign a different shortcut, for security reasons windows, neither your A/V, will like a program modifying your default paste.
    My solution is to use a mouse with side buttons and then configure those to use the "custom paste".
  • aw
  • i cant replace ctrl+c which would be cool
    Firefox doesn't allow that, otherwise I would have added the option.
  • Invaluable tool for those who research to produce text for the web. Blessings to the one who invented it.
  • Simple but powerful, much appreciated!
  • quiero dejar mi recomendacion especial parta esta aplicacion , la he estado usando por mas de un año, gracias al desarrollador.
  • Pretty good indeed1 Thank you.
  • Very handy!
  • Very happy with this extension - 5 stars!
  • erosman thank you so much for this extension! i want ask if its suppose to show a toolbar icon or not? some extension wont show up in toolbar after installation, thats why i wanted to ask
    That you for you kind words. This extension does not have a toolbar icon since a toolbar icon without any functionality is just a waste of space ;)
    If in future, there is a need to have some functionality via toolbar icon, I will add it.
  • Hi i want to know how often really use copy plain text? can give me example of day to day most used moments to need copy plain text? This extension is very good