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Working as it should


This messed up my cookielist Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Had (and still have) a problem with a cookie.
Tried a full backup (thinking i could restore it all).
Deleted the whole list, and tried to restore.
BUT, the restore did NOT work, now i lost all my cookies.
Tnx very much.

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When i select the ones i want to delete you realy realy realy need to make sure you click on the checkbox if not your selection is gone. This is very very very anoying, and after a few tries and a few mis clicks i gave up.
So its not for me.

convenient Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

I could modify the expire time for many cookies in bulk by using this extension. Thank you!

Did the trick! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

When google was first offering invites to people who had google accounts to the new google maps,I didn't have a google account. So,I got the cookie editor,looked at a tutorial on how to change google map's cookies,and got the new google maps without a google account! It helped me well.

thorough and easy Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Seems to do everything I could want with cookies, and makes it easy. Works fine with FF 39.0 (latest as of this date); no CPU problems as others reported. Suggestions: 1) instructions mention the app icon, which I don't see under Vista -- mention hitting Alt; 2) allow ctrl-C to copy, though that's such a minor thing that I'm really reaching; 3) can the picture. ;-)

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Causes 100% CPU Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

Would be great if it worked but in all recent versions of Firefox it makes the browser completely unusable.
Firefox desperately needs better cookie management built-in, to cope with the flood of cookie spam promulgated by the EU cookie law.

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Agree with user futurepower, see below.

(Never forget: When a dev says: "It is good" he means: "it is bad for the user, but good for me")

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can´t protect cookies in firefox 35.01 !?!

Excellent, but two issues: Bewertet mit 4 von 5 Sternen

1) When displaying cookies in Cookies Manager+, one cookie is always automatically selected. That makes it easy to make a mistake when deleting cookies. Also, the automatically selected cookie is rarely one of interest to the user.

2) When deleting a cookie that is immediately replaced, the Cookies Manager+ Firefox add-on does not show the deletion, making it appear that the cookie was not deleted.

Google is now writing a cookie that, when deleted, is immediately re-written. Cookies Manager+ displays that Google cookie as never deleted.

That Google cookie in Firefox is re-written even when Firefox is not configured to use Google search, and there is no other add-on or plug-in associated with Google. It seems reasonable to guess that the Firefox browser cookie is written by software installed when installing Google's Chrome browser, but that is not certain. Also, it is possible that the cookie is labeled Google, but is not actually a Google cookie. However, Google has a history of installing system services without notifying the user; Google is known to be sneaky sometimes.

See this report for more information:
Report #4, Report date: Jan 26, 2015

NOTE: Mozilla's policy, "Please do not post bug reports in reviews" makes no sense. If there is a problem with an add-on, and a user takes the time to write a report, everyone who installs the add-on should be allowed to know about the problem. Problems should not be hidden by requiring each prospective user of an add-on to go to another web page full of very technical information.

Also, a prospective user who has problems with an add-on and wants to provide a report should not be required to make an account for a site that user may never visit again. That is especially true because if a user has a problem with an add-on, he or she will very likely decide to delete the add-on.

I'm working on v1.6 that pre-select same cookies that were selected in previous session, or select none if no cookies matching stored information.

The review section is not for bug reports. Period.
If one doesn't like to register at a bug tracker (support) site, then there is a support email provided. But as you see the bug tracker site is much better then email, because:
1) eliminates duplicate reports (usually), because users can see if their issue was already reported.
2) easy to track what has been fixed and what not

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It's a great tool, but I think it's missing an important feature: To be able to export/import the list of blocked cookies.

I had taken great effort of manually blocking many sites from storing cookies on my computer and would really like to be able to use this same list on other Firefox installations

This was added in upcoming v1.6

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Love this addon!! It's been a huge help with many a misbehaving site buy letting me delete individual, specific cookies instead of deleting them all. Any chance of making a version for Firefox Android? I would love to add this to my copy of FF mobile.

Un bon éditeur de cookies / a good cookie editor Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Un filtre pour la liste des cookies, et la possibilité de modifier n'importe quelle propriété, c'est tout ce dont vous avez besoin.

A filter for the list of cookies, and the ability to modify any property, it is all what you need.

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Best cookie manager, but it has one big UI problem.
Everytime when I open it, window open on different place in diferent size. This is really any annoying! If owner fix that he deserves 5 stars. Now only 3.

This will be fixed in upcoming v1.6

Plenty of features; working for me in FF 30.0 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

This add-on has been working for me consistently, so perhaps the issue WileyM was having with Firefox 29.0.1 was isolated (or I somehow missed a break in functionality before I updated Firefox)?

The ability to sort, check, set, edit, and block cookies makes this add-on above-and-beyond. Other add-ons, such as Biscuit and Quick&Clean, are not nearly as fine-toothed and as precise.

In particular, I enjoy the ability to spot cookies I've noticed tend to "hide" with different but equivalent names:,, and can all be sorted now to review them all "per site" than strictly alphabetically (Cookie Manager+ --> Tools --> Options).

Anyway, excellent add-on. A bit advanced, so possibly overwhelming for 1st-time privacy fanatics, but equipped well for powerusers familiar with cookies.

Confirmed... Does not work with FF 29.0.1 Bewertet mit 1 von 5 Sternen

I wish I didn't have to give a rating, but I don't know another way to warn people off this potentially useful tool...but for FF 29.0.1 compatibility.

What doesn't work?

It works in all my tests on FF 29.0.1 through 32.0a1

Please submit your detailed bug report at provided website.

Thank you.

No reported issues so far:

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Does not work with FF 29.01

It doesn't?

What exactly doesn't work?
Have you filed a bug report?

Thank you.

No reported issues so far:

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I hate cookies

Great Cookies Manager Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Excellent add-on, extending the functionality of the built-in cookie viewer, which remains available on demand. CM+ offers a very useful set of configuration settings.

One suggestion: it would be nice if CM+ could (additionally, on demand) export the cookies in XML format.