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I'm sorry, is not available in a standard feature?

It is not in the stock browser

This addon extends the exceptions dialogs by providing a search bar for the exceptions dialogs (almost anywhere you see "Exceptions" in the Options dialog, except notably for the password version). These are different to the about:permissions dialog, which does come with a search. There is still no such stock search function in the latest version of FireFox at the time of this reply (v34).

I am flattered that you found the extension to look so stock you didn't notice, that was one of my design goals as I believe the functionality should have been there from FireFox 3 (31 generations ago! How time flies).

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Very simple, and so intuitive I question why Mozilla doesn't install this by default. Great add-on. Thank you.

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Many thanks to the developer.

Being some what particular about which web site stores cookies on my computer / device and for how long - I have an exception list that is perhaps at least a 150+ long. (Haven't really counted). Being a user of Camino, an older Mac only browser, I was quite used to being able to search through the cookies exception list. I found it surprising that the Mozilla dev team / product team hadn't thought of this simple functionality that was already there in older browsers. The advantage of smaller dev teams, perhaps.

This CookieExFilter is the most elegant and efficient addon to do the job of searching through the cookie exception list. Allows you to fine tune the privacy settings.

The only thing that could make this better is if the search functionality was built in right into the 'Address of website' bar instead of having another 'Search' bar. It could be simple enough to search through a SQLite db from the input bar itself.

Many thanks to the developer again.

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Does what it says! Would like developer to add the ability to export/import the exceptions list. But that is extra, does not take away from what the exception does.

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It's little addons like these which do a great deal. Thank you! This should be built in Firefox by default.

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Gutes und sinnvolles AddOn!

Extremely useful Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Great addon that covers clearly missing functionality -- it should have been implemented in mozilla core a long time ago

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It took me too long to go looking for a search plug in for my cookie exceptions. So glad to have one that works.

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Firefox has a pesky annoyance: the lack of "partial name matching" mechanism in the cookies list. Oddly enough, the "Saved Passwords" list does have the mechanism . . . making the cookies list more irritating . . . lol.

The CookieExFilter add-on solves the problem with flying colors. I enterd "ens" and it selected the 2 matching items from my list of dozens: "opensuse" and "licensing". I refined to "ensi", and selection was narrowed to 1: "licensing". Powerful matching mechanism, and easy as pie to use.

Further, it solves a number of other inconveniences---this add-on does its job very well.

Only difficulty I found is that I couldn't figure out what the preferences "Add Search Bar" to "Popups", and to "Images" meant. Which popups? Which images?

Deserves 5 stars.

Which popups? Which images?

Options -> Content -> Block pop-up windows - Exceptions...
Options -> Content -> Load images automatically - Exceptions...

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This is an example of an add on that extends an existing feature with great new functionality. The exceptions dialogue has always missing a good way to find existing rules except of just scrolling down and manually looking for them. One thing that makes this such a valuable add on is that it is simple. It does exactly what it meant for in a simple way and nothing more that just adds clutter.

But now I have realised that the exceptions dialogue is missing one more feature that there should be another add on for, a way to block not all cookies for a domain but selective cookies by domain and cookie name. It is often a problem if a domain are prevented from adding any cookie at all but some cookies mostly or only used for tracking purposes should be prevented and with more fine grained exceptions could it be possible.

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I have been searching for and wanting this feature since FF2. Thank you so much. Works perfectly!

Splendid, does even more than it says Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Also works for popups and images exceptions, enabling there as well a Block function (which is absent). Splendid to get 'em cookies rolling !

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New right click feature (switch permission) is great !! Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Thank you for quick response and update (CookieExFilter 0.9).
Switch permission by right click is quite handy.

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Shackkiee <3 Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen

Luv it <3

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I liked that you can find more than one cookie for one search. I just wish there would be third option for cookie searches: show only cookies that match your search.

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This is a very good extension, but it is not compatible with Firefox 5.0 (up to day now).

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