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Works for me.

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Since the last update, CC has stopped permanently blocking cookies for me.

It blocks them in a session, but as soon as the browser is restarted, the cookies are nolonger blocked.

It still protects selected cookies, which is something. I just wish Firefox had better cookie add-ons. Surprisingly they're all pretty poor.

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Very useful addon.

(1) Allow wildcard entries (like Adblock) so that you can whitelist all pages on the trusted intranet.
(2) Sometimes using private browsing clears Cookieculler entries. Add an option to sync between browsers (like XMarks) or allow export/import of CookieCuller entries.

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Love this addon, only discovered it recently, glad I finally have control over cleaning up cookies. Just remember not to use Firefox's clear cookies option as this clears out all cookies, even protected ones. Prefer this to Cookie Monster, small and simple. Two features I would like to see added (which probably have been mentioned already) are the ability to search through cookies and an option to delete cookies on shutdown rather than startup.

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I love this Add-On, it's incredibly useful.
Although it would be nice if there was a 'Search' option to search through the cookie list for the cookies you want to protect.

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A possibility to whitelist cookies.

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This addon is very useful because Firefox's feature "clear cookies on exit" doesn't let to whitelist cookies. In case this addon ever becomes un-usable, might anyone know of a similar addon that's regularly updated?

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Enfin un vrai gestionnaire de cookies où l'on peut sélectionner les cookies que l'on veut conserver, ce qui permet de supprimer les cookies "indésirables" quand on quitte Firefox. D'ailleurs je ne comprends pas que les navigateurs internet ne le propose pas par défaut, ne serais-ce que pour des raisons de sécurité. Merci à l'éditeur de cette extension.

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Thank you for this add on. Along with CookieSafe, I have found possible Cookie overkill and have an absolutely fine-tuned control of the cookies that are on my computer. Which is how it should be.

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Does what it said. Great with the whitelist, but it need more features to be a complete cookie manager.

Boomer, if you're using TACO or Beef TACO extensions, every time you restart, you'll find the opt-out cookies those extensions are meant to put there.

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Does not seem to work. I protected some cookies. Clicked Remove All Cookies. The next time I start the "deleted" cookies were back!
Using 3.6.13

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Thank you for a tool to create a "Cookie Keep List", something that 'standard' Firefox does not provide. Whilst Firefox Cookie Exceptions provides a method to Block or Allow or Allow For Session, it does not provide the ability to keep cookies already accepted, and this add-on does just that. It could be further enhanced if it deleted the unwanted cookies either when closing Firefox or at timed intervals.

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Thanks for a great add-on!

Would it be possible to have it delete all unwanted cookies every 5 minutes instead of just every time I restart Firefox? I rarely restart my browser, and would like the unwanted cookies removed more often.

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Brilliant Plugin, however, needs backup/restore of cookies and CookieCuller settings, password protection of CookieCuller settings and some method of disabling Firefoxes native cookie deletion which unfortunately overrides CookieCuller's protection.

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This is the only tool that I know off to help me create a whitelist of cookies that I want to keep and automatically delete the rest that I don't care for. This way I keep myself logged into websites I want remain logged into across browser sessions. But at the same time automatically delete all the other cookies that I don't care for. Good job and thank you for creating this add on.

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CookieCuller is the only tool I know of that allows for managing individual cookies. Most cookie management tools provide only rules based on server addresses. In certain situations, a more fine-grained control is desired.

I agree to the criticism of some of the reviewers regarding the user interface. In the beginning, one must experiment a bit in order to establish the correct interplay between the cookie management of firefox and CookieCuller: I usually switch off all cookie deleting done by firefox and switch on 'Delete Unprotected Cookies on Startup' in Tools -> Add-ons -> CookieCuller -> Preferences. It would be very helpful if this important option could be moved to Tools -> CookieCuller. To avoid an unintentional loss of cookies in the beginning I suggest to shut down firefox and to make a backup copy of the file cookies.sqlite in one's firefox profile directory.

Another con is that CookieCuller deletes unwanted cookies only at the next start of firefox instead of deleting them at shut down.

Bottom line: Thanx for making available this nice little helper!

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Полезное дополнение!

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this add-on does not place options in the tools drop box on fire fox 3.6.8 the only option is in add-ons delete unprotected cookies at start up.
i rate this 0% don't use it' you'll end up deleting all your cookies, i now have to replace via Acronis True Image.

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Protects the cookies you whitelist while deleting the cookies you do not want upon Firefox shutdown. This is the way cookie management should be. Thanks dev!

I was having problems with whitelisted cookies being deleted until I realized that I must set Firefox to not delete cookies (Set privacy setting to "keep until they expire" under Firefox's Options menu). Otherwise, I think Firefox will just override Cookie Culler's whitelist. Let Cookie Culler delete the cookies for you.

Requested features: Great addon but if you want to add anything, I would suggest: 1) grouping cookies by domain for easier organization 2) deleting cookies every x seconds (some sort of timer option).

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One of the add-ons I use frequently. I was excited to see they finally updated it for Firefox 3. But there is STILL no grouping by domain! C'mon! It makes it much easier to manage if we can expand and collapse domains, and keep or delete by domain. I'm sorry but this is a simple feature which people have been requesting for a long time, and I have to give you 1 star in the hopes that it will prompt you to finally add the feature.