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  • No idea how to backup cookies! No help at the support site! What's the big idea making promises you can't explain how to implement?
  • I'm grateful for this add-on, and I am easily able to control cookies, protecting some and deleting others. I've been using it for several months.

    This week, the capability to delete local storage stopped functioning. Hitting the switch used to empty the storage, but now it doesn't work. I'm not quite sure what's going on.
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  • excellent module! merci aux developpeurs ;-)
  • Les cookies supprimés sont revenus, sans avoir navigué de nouveau sur les sites. Le nettoyage ne semble pas s'être opéré correctement ou intégralement.
  • #ver good app
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  • Doesn't work, clicking on icon just shows a popup with a list of cookies but clicking on anything does nothing, absolutely useless.
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  • This comment is RIGHT ON: Rated 3 out of 5
    by Firefox user 13260415, a month ago
    "Delete current context cookies" deletes nothing. What current context means to you?
    Please, add "Delete all cookies except protected".
    ---A one button click to "delete all except protected" would make this a 5 STAR add-on !!! It would also be desirable in the list of all cookies to clearly show which are protected and which not !
    Hi, the contexts of navigation or contextual identities were introduced with Firefox 53-57, this function erases all the cookies of the context used by the displayed tab when you call it.
    In an update I will display the name of the context used.
    Also i discovered a little bug in the main interface when you call this function. Under certain conditions the user should manually actualize the interface to see the cookies disappear.

    > Please, add "Delete all cookies except protected".
    When you "delete all cookies" only the protected ones remain.
    It would not make sense to be able to protect a cookie when it could be erased in the same way as any other cookie.

    > It would also be desirable in the list of protected cookies
    Yes, that's right, I'm thinking about it.
  • Cookie Quick Manager offers a quick and simple way to see which cookies a particular site stores, and to remove any or all which you feel needn't be on your computer.
  • I cannot select certain cookies to delete after searching. I have to delete them one by one from each domain, or all of the cookies that appear in the search results.

    Cookie Manager from Rob W is still way better than this one. Firefox should be recommending the cookie manager from ROB W, and work on developing that one instead.
    In fact if you right click on the displayed domain, after doing 1 search, then by clicking on "delete" on the context menu, you will erase the cookies leaving those not concerned by your search.

    No software is ever 100% complete; it is a continuous work for which many people are involved: not only to write code, but also to raise bugs and submit improvements ...