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  • Endlich wieder alle Cookies einsehbar und gezielt löschbar!
  • Where Firefox 72 failed, Cookie Quick Manager succeeded.


    – pages that previously worked only in private windows began working in normal windows, after Cookie Quick Manager successfully removed the offending data.
  • I'm grateful for this add-on, and I am easily able to control cookies, protecting some and deleting others. I've been using it for several months.

    This week, the capability to delete local storage stopped functioning. Hitting the switch used to empty the storage, but now it doesn't work. I'm not quite sure what's going on.
  • Cool
  • excellent module! merci aux developpeurs ;-)
  • Les cookies supprimés sont revenus, sans avoir navigué de nouveau sur les sites. Le nettoyage ne semble pas s'être opéré correctement ou intégralement.
  • #ver good app
  • Ok
  • Doesn't work, clicking on icon just shows a popup with a list of cookies but clicking on anything does nothing, absolutely useless.
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