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  • Nice! Really like this addon. Especially like ability to see container cookies, because i use containers a lot. Oh, and "Save all to file" and "Restore cookies from file" very-very appreciatable! Life saving feature i may say! Big thanks to devs. 200iq no joke.
    ps. Also would be cool to have ability sort/see/and delete expired cookies. Because right now need to manually look up for them. For example on youtube with time come up frick ton of expired cookies, and it's just annoying for me for some reason. Dunno does it make ffx to go slow or something, but i just don't like expired cookies. Can you please add ability to sort and see them?


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  • Excelente, fácil y completo con todo lo necesario.
  • Nothing more to say than what ashleedawg already wrote on March 28th 2019:
    "WHO KNOWS what Mozilla was thinking when they took a step *backwards* in terms of empowering users to manage their own Security & Privacy by removing the ability to View Individual Cookies... but the up-side is that it caused me to discovered THIS add-in, which is *infinitely better* than Firefox's old built-in features.".
    Fully agreed!
  • Seems like a good addon in regards to easily managing cookies, but would it be possible to add an automatic clean up option as soon as you leave the site?
  • "Delete current context cookies" deletes nothing. What current context means to you?
    Please, add "Delete all cookies except protected".
  • Great job
  • Cookie Quick Manager is one of the best addons by Ysad
  • Doesn't work with 67.0.1 (64-bit) version.
    While opening "Manage All Cookies" the list of domains is empty.
    Answer from the author:
    Go to the add-ons page, click on the "Cookie Quick Manager" add-on to get to the details page for the add-on, scroll down to the part that says "Run in Private Windows" and select the "Allow" option.
    Until I did this the "All" context would not show anything and some of the other contexts would also be missing cookies. I assume this is because when it tried to enumerate all the cookies, it would hit the "private" cookies and was denied access and instead of just continuing it would halt/crash the add-on.
    Thank you for your comment that has surely helped other users until I deploy the update (as well as many other fixes) ;)
    The problem is now resolved.
    More info: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/extensions-private-browsing
  • Very well made. Thanks! I give it 3 stars, because the extension is missing a "Create" button that allows the creation of a new cookie. At the moment, if I want to create a new cookie, I have to modify an existing one and change all attributes.
    It would be nice if there was a "Create" button to make a new cookie, with all fields blank (or sensible defaults) and ready to be filled in by me.
    Thank you for your comment; indeed I did not think of this use case where we created a cookie from sctrach.

    Note that if you click on the "edit" button you unlock fields that will lead to the creation of a new cookie from a cookie already present.

    I will think about setting up a button to start from an empty template.
  • opt-out of ads speeds up WWWeb somewhat !


    just disable all domains there so you get 130+ opt-out cookies.

    with these in place and google analytics opt-out add-on Websurfing speeds up noticeably even with uBlock in place.

    save + restore (or protect from pristine profile) the opt-out cookies for fast web.
  • there isnt ability set any cookie read only like Cookiemanager+
    Hi, there is indeed a (technical) limitation on this subject.
    The question is addressed here: https://github.com/ysard/cookie-quick-manager/issues/55
    In fact this type of "blocking" is much more a role for a firewall like uMatrix (an excellent addon on this subject and I can not hope to do better :) ).