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  • Suggestion for update: show all cookies together in one column (no domain groups). Add option to sort them by date created. Let us use shift and ctrl-a for easier selecting and deleting cookies.
    Now they are separated in domain groups. If a domain has 100 cookies, i have to tap del button 100 times!!! Then i go to next domain and deleting its cookies and so on. Damn slow.

    Edit: After few days click on Delete current context cookies doesn't delete cookies! I have to go to Manage all cookies and there press ctrl-d.
    Hi, thank you for the suggestions for improvements;
    - The spreadsheet view (similar to the Firefox development tools) is an implementation choice that requires redoing the entire GUI. I'm thinking about that, but today it requires a lot of work for relatively little gain at the expense of some useful features.
    - The creation date is not accessible from the API. It was something we could get before Quantum, this is not the case today.
    - The multiselection of domains / cookies is useful and planned for a long time, yes!
    - If you have a domain with 100+ cookies to delete, you'd better right click on this domain and click on "delete" in the context menu that appears :)
  • Great job
  • Cookie Quick Manager is one of the best addons by Ysad
  • Very well made. Thanks! I give it 3 stars, because the extension is missing a "Create" button that allows the creation of a new cookie. At the moment, if I want to create a new cookie, I have to modify an existing one and change all attributes.
    It would be nice if there was a "Create" button to make a new cookie, with all fields blank (or sensible defaults) and ready to be filled in by me.
    Thank you for your comment; indeed I did not think of this use case where we created a cookie from sctrach.

    Note that if you click on the "edit" button you unlock fields that will lead to the creation of a new cookie from a cookie already present.

    I will think about setting up a button to start from an empty template.
  • opt-out of ads speeds up WWWeb somewhat !


    just disable all domains there so you get 130+ opt-out cookies.

    with these in place and google analytics opt-out add-on Websurfing speeds up noticeably even with uBlock in place.

    save + restore (or protect from pristine profile) the opt-out cookies for fast web.
  • there isnt ability set any cookie read only like Cookiemanager+
    Hi, there is indeed a (technical) limitation on this subject.
    The question is addressed here: https://github.com/ysard/cookie-quick-manager/issues/55
    In fact this type of "blocking" is much more a role for a firewall like uMatrix (an excellent addon on this subject and I can not hope to do better :) ).