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  • opt-out of ads speeds up WWWeb somewhat !


    just disable all domains there so you get 130+ opt-out cookies.

    with these in place and google analytics opt-out add-on Websurfing speeds up noticeably even with uBlock in place.

    save + restore (or protect from pristine profile) the opt-out cookies for fast web.
  • there isnt ability set any cookie read only like Cookiemanager+
  • The best cookie manager I have tested (and I have tested a lot, if not them all!) The pop-up menu shows all the expected options for quick use (find and delete), plus, it also has a convenient option to delete Local Storage, what can be really handy (in a quick glance, it informs if the site is using local memory, giving the option to clear it).
  • Great extension, very well done. I noticed a recent change: for cookies that are in a Firefox container, the container icon no longer appears. It used to be just to the left of the number of cookies for the site, in the Domains column - ?
    Hello this is indeed a problem on the side of Firefox; opened for a few months but still unresolved.
    I'm going to update the topic because it's a very annoying problem for this addon.
  • it does exactly what I expect
    Hi, thank you for the issue, an new version has been uploaded (0.4rc4).
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The addon works perfectly but IMHO it lacks one option. I want to delete cookies from some sites forever with one option called as example Delete+blacklist or similar. Please try to add it to the extension and it will be perfect.
    Hi, an option to remove all cookies from the current context will be present on the next version.
    I am considering an improvement regarding the removal of cookies related to the page viewed.

    However, a finer management and (in my opinion) very well done via whitelist / blacklist can be found on the uMatrix addon that I advise you.
  • I em surprised< it is an app to have the full control about the cookies. Good job!
    Thank you :)