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  • opt-out of ads speeds up WWWeb somewhat !


    just disable all domains there so you get 130+ opt-out cookies.

    with these in place and google analytics opt-out add-on Websurfing speeds up noticeably even with uBlock in place.

    save + restore (or protect from pristine profile) the opt-out cookies for fast web.
  • there isnt ability set any cookie read only like Cookiemanager+
  • WHO KNOWS what Mozilla was thinking when they took a step *backwards* in terms of empowering users to manage their own Security & Privacy by removing the ability to View Individual Cookies... but the up-side is that it caused me to discovered THIS add-in, which is *infinitely better* than Firefox's old built-in features.

    Ten minutes with this app and I've already learned a bunch of stuff I didn't realize before, in terms of who's tracking me how/where/when, PLUS the ability to modify your cookies so that you're sharing what you want to, when you want to.

    Now all I need in an in-depth tutorial about different types of cookies, pros/cons, and so on.

    Great job Ysard, thank you.
    Thank you for your full and encouraging review :)
    Feel free to suggest improvements or mention bugs on the development repository: https://github.com/ysard/cookie-quick-manager
  • The best cookie manager I have tested (and I have tested a lot, if not them all!) The pop-up menu shows all the expected options for quick use (find and delete), plus, it also has a convenient option to delete Local Storage, what can be really handy (in a quick glance, it informs if the site is using local memory, giving the option to clear it).
  • Great extension, very well done. I noticed a recent change: for cookies that are in a Firefox container, the container icon no longer appears. It used to be just to the left of the number of cookies for the site, in the Domains column - ?
    Hello this is indeed a problem on the side of Firefox; opened for a few months but still unresolved.
    I'm going to update the topic because it's a very annoying problem for this addon.
  • it does exactly what I expect
    Hi, thank you for the issue, an new version has been uploaded (0.4rc4).
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • I em surprised< it is an app to have the full control about the cookies. Good job!
    Thank you :)