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Let me tell you why I love this cookie handler so much;


The way I usually judge things is in their ease of use.

I feel that - no matter what the specific item, gadget, etc. is, the user should be able to use it 'out-of-the-box' without having to read a manual.

That's one reason I've ALWAYS - ONLY used Macs.

The item - and controlling it should feel natural to me, the user (or you) at first.

Once I become proficient in handling it, I may choose to use the manual to learn more complicated features.

Cookie Controller (CC) exceeds in this.

On first use, you have a little icon (I have mine in the Status Bar - bottom of the screen), which, when pressed, you see three colored indicators - each representing HOW Cookie Controller will handle the cookies for the site you're CURRENTLY on; 'red' - CC will destruct the cookie IMMEDIATELY after closing the site's tabs. Yellow' - CC will destruct the cookies after you quit the browser, and 'Green' - CC will not do anything to them.

When you first run CC, CC will do an inspection of all the cookies you currently have (while it's doing this, your browser will not be 'stuck.' It will, however make setting your personal site-per-site rules hard, so, just wait until this process is done - only a couple of minutes or so).

After this initial period, you're ready to go.

Every time you go to a site, it'll be CC's first time,' so, this is when you should fine-tune how you want CC to handle that site's cookies (CC - if left alone - will just handle every site in the same manner, which, if that's ok with you, then you're fine).

Since most of us have site's we go to on a regular (daily) basis, this 'setting up' is really no inconvenience. The only time AFTER having set CC up you' need to deal with it, is when you go to a new site for the first time (which, as I said before - if you leave CC alone, it'll handle the new site's in whatever manner you'd initially chose).

After that point, CC became unnoticeable to me - and will be for you, as well.

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