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Top-AddOn! Drittanbieter-Cookies sind aber nicht möglich?
Top-AddOn! But 3rd-party-cookies aren't possible?

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (1.4.1-signed) abgegeben. 

Setting and displaying permissions related to third party cookies is fully supported by Cookie Controller, even beyond what the Firefox options dialog offers.

Counting and displaying third-party cookies is not currently offered at all. Firefox simply doesn't support any means of defining a cookie as third party once it has been set, and no reliable means to detect third party cookies that have been set (or read) by the current page. All cookies are equal whether they were set by the owner domain of the top level window or not, and there are huge difficulties of definition. For example is a cookie still a third party cookie after it has been rewritten (as a third party cookie) by a different site? Deleted and added back? Deleted and added back as a first party cookie? Expired and then written back by another site? Read but never written?

Addons that offer such functionality are cutting some corners to try and maintain their own lists of which cookies can be considered a third party cookie for which hosts. With varying amounts of success.

I chose not to offer a function that could not be considered reliable. Firefox is currently developing new ways to identify cookies as third party with respect to first party hosts (mainly for the purpose of allowing third party exceptions like the existing first party exceptions) and when this is released I will see if Cookie Controller can offer a list of third party cookies for each page.