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  • missing icons((
    screen: dropmefiles.com/aAXwt

    UPD: Step by step. Did everything as you requested. Nothing changed.
    Sites have icons ;)
    Can i still help?
    Strange indeed! Are you sure all those websites missing icons have a favicon? I checked tparser.org and it does appear to have a favicon. Would you please try first saving (downloading to a JSON file) your search engines, then removing the extension and the file storage-sync.sqlite from your Firefox Profile folder, and finally reloading your saved search engines in the extension's preferences page and let me know if you get the same results. Alternatively, you may try loading your search engines in a new Firefox profile to see if the problem persists. I'm sorry for the trouble. If the problem remains, then I'd appreciate if you would file a bug on Github. Thanks.
    UPD: Would you mind sending me your list of search engines (the JSON file you can download), so I can do some testing on my end (I'm on Mac so I may get different results!)? Also, please feel free to give the latest dev version on Github a try. The code has gone through quite some changes since the last release on AMO. I should be able to release it soon, but I still need to polish a few things and do some testing.
  • why not add some hotkey or better let user modify keymap,i think this will be amazing
    What would you like to assign a hot key to? Have you noticed that you can use keywords in the url address bar to make searches? Thanks for your review.
  • The idea is good, but it doesn't save the checkboxes and doesn't save added search engines :(
    I know there are a few bugs and I'm trying to get them sorted out shortly. If you have some spare time, please give the dev version on Github a try and let me know if it works for you. But bare in mind that it's still a work in progress.
  • this add-ons of mozilla is amazing .
    it is very fit in latest update verson of windows
    i has been using mozilla for 4 years. this is one of the best browser at all.
    click here to know more about technical news and updates...
    Thank you for your review Rajesh. Glad you like the extension.
  • Great addon and very helpful! Thank you for the good work.
    Thank you for your review.
  • Great. My most used extension after mouse gestures.

    Despite every search has to be created manually, I like the configurability of that also.

    I would give it a top score, but the latest version wants too many permissions that it really shouldn't need and didn't need before (for monetization I suppose), so I can't use any future upgrades (although not a big deal, it works well now).
  • I was looking for a replacement for Fastest Search, compatible with Quantum. This is lacking most functionalities of Fastest Search, but hey - room to grow. At the moment I can't even get the icon box to appear reliably :(
    My first few suggestions of easily several hundred ;)
    - Please fix the icon box, that either it appears OR the context menu. Or let them both appear side by side. You could make all this optional.
    - Display the icon box in the configuration menu.
    - Keyword search without "cs" would be nice.
    - There should be unlimited multi searches. A multi search should be one new search engine line, with its own keyword, and several keywords as its URL
  • New added search engines are saved, but over that, it only saves the settings "check all" and "check none". If you configure to show only a few of the search engines, it never saves that setup.
  • Very very useful
    Thank you for your review Alexander.
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    Thank you for your encouraging review.
  • Works pretty well for the most part. The feature I'd like to use the most is the JSON import, however, it doesn't seem to do anything when I load the JSON file from the FF profile folder. Am I doing something wrong? Running this on Mac High Sierra
    I'm not sure which JSON you're using. I'd recommend exporting, i.e. downloading, the JSON file from the extension's preferences page. Then you can keep it as a backup and upload it (also from the extension's preferences page) whenever you wish. There's no need to mingle with files in your ffx profile folder. Hope this helps!
  • Very well-executed add-on with respect to both function and presentation. My only gripe is that the favicon-fetching feature does not seem to be working.
    Thank you for your review. This extension uses an API that is hosted on Heroku to fetch favicons. The free plan includes 1'000 dyno hours and, unfortunately, this month the 1'000 free dyno hours were all consumed by July 20th. As a result, the favicons are no longer being fetched this month. Things will get back to normal at the beginning of next month. The paid plan on Heroku is $7/month but I haven't received sufficient donations to cover the cost of the paid plan.
  • 要是能用浏览器搜索引擎列表接口就好了,当然要mozilla提供
  • Отлично! Легко и просто.
  • I like your extension, and it is great I can configure it.
    One issue that happened lately is that the shortcut keys in the address bar are not caught by the extension.
    for example, I defined "gg" as a shortcut to search in google.com
    I use a Quantum 64bit Firefox, with address bar & search bar combined (not separated)
    when I type in the bar "gg FIFA world cup", for example, I get the google search results for "gg FIFA...". That is to say that my "gg" is not interpreted as a keyword.
    If you can fix it, I promise to add a star in another review.
    You need to precede "gg FIFA world cup" with "cs " so that the Context Search can identify that it is being requested. You should therefore type the following "cs gg FIFA world cup" in the url address bar. Try it out and let me know how things go.
  • Changed preferences don't save, but works otherwise.
    Sorry about that, Jason. It's a bug and it's been registered on github here: https://github.com/odebroqueville/contextSearch/issues/129
  • Preferences doesnt save, if you just installed addon first time, need to restart browser. PS Sorry for 1 star.
    Preferences are currently saved to local web storage. We're working to save them to sync storage so that they'll be available across your firefox browsers. It's a lot of work. Thank you for your rating. It's very encouraging.
  • Absolute great extension, making searching so much easier. I even added a specially crafted Google Maps search, so I can select an address and plan a route from my house to it by 'searching'. These kind of tools are priceless!
  • I like this extension, but when the particular version needs additional permissions I'd expect more info about reasons.
  • Really like this add-on! But I am curious, why in the last update (June 2018) does it ask for permission to download files and read and change the download manager? An explanation from the dev would be nice!
    Hi and thank you for your review.

    It requires that permission to be able to export your search engine configuration to searchengines.json in a reliable way. The downloads API is not used for something else.

    Thank you for using Context Search!
  • Love this add-on.
    It is simple and straight on, just the way I wanted it when I was searching for something just like this.
  • Love this extension - but is it possible to search for the highlighted keyword in the middle of a URL? For example can I search for "CN2566830" on Google patents by inserting it in the URL between "https://patents.google.com/patent/" and "/en" to build the full URL: https://patents.google.com/CN2566830/en

    Thank you for your kind words.

    You can use {searchTerms} or %s where you want the search term to appear in the URL.

    I hope you will enjoy Context Search for a long time.
  • Excellent addon, very fast response fixing memory & CPU hog issue. Thanks!
    Thanks, Ed. Nice to have you on board!
  • Still giving high rating as expecting you'll get the recent memory hog issue fixed. I went through and disabled, enabled add-ons individually until confirming this one is causing massive memory usage. At some point, it completely freezes Firefox. This is a new phenomenon and will be missing your useful addon until you've got it fixed.
    Thank you, it has already been fixed in version 3.67.
  • Extremely useful add-on. The 3.66 version memory problem has been [very quickly] fixed in 3.67.