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  • It's a great addon, but it don't recognize the search engines I had in firefox and the import option needs a .json file that I haven't
  • Thank you for your great addon!

    I would like to make the following two suggestions:

    1. An additional option for appearing results “In the sidebar” (in the “Where should search results appear?” setting).

    Similar application: On “Quick dictionary” and “Search in Sidebar” addons.

    2. Direct Right-click or Shift-click on single words (without a selection precondition).

    Similar application: On the (now deprecated) “Wiktionary and Google Translate” addon.
    An excellent feature in terms of speed, that works even by clicking on youtube onscreen subtitles’ words (which anyway can’t be selected).
  • Works, but doesn't account for scenarios where there may be additional search strings after the "=" operator.

    Other search engines would use a variable or something in place of the search query, e.g. %s represents the search term. You could place %s anywhere in the search URL.
    As stated in the description under point 5: "The checkbox is followed by the search query string. This is the generic url you would use to perform a search. Search query strings may contain the parameters %s or {searchTerms} where you'd like your search terms to appear, i.e. the selected text."
  • Nice add-on, but where is the grid option?
    Thanks for the response, can we have an option to use the grid without shift-clicking? Like, when it's "on" in settings, it shows the grid right away, and if it's "off" it works just like it does atm.
    The grid of icons is displayed when you shift-click on your selected text.
  • Works great for me, no issues. I use this frequently and it performs very well. I consider this one of my favorite and most utilized add-ons.
    Good to hear! Thank you for your review.
  • I really like this addon, but I would like to know how to get the grid option to work?
    Thank you.
    Great work
    The grid of icons is displayed when you shift-click on your selected text.
  • Work's fine
  • missing icons((
    screen: dropmefiles.com/aAXwt

    UPD: Step by step. Did everything as you requested. Nothing changed.
    Sites have icons ;)
    Can i still help?
    Strange indeed! Are you sure all those websites missing icons have a favicon? I checked tparser.org and it does appear to have a favicon. Would you please try first saving (downloading to a JSON file) your search engines, then removing the extension and the file storage-sync.sqlite from your Firefox Profile folder, and finally reloading your saved search engines in the extension's preferences page and let me know if you get the same results. Alternatively, you may try loading your search engines in a new Firefox profile to see if the problem persists. I'm sorry for the trouble. If the problem remains, then I'd appreciate if you would file a bug on Github. Thanks.
    UPD: Would you mind sending me your list of search engines (the JSON file you can download), so I can do some testing on my end (I'm on Mac so I may get different results!)? Also, please feel free to give the latest dev version on Github a try. The code has gone through quite some changes since the last release on AMO. I should be able to release it soon, but I still need to polish a few things and do some testing.