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  • This one now deletes my custom search engines whenever I open the browser, but it used to work perfectly. Hopefully, there will be a fix for this soon. I appreciate all the hard work done by the developers to make a great add-on.
  • Super ultra mega útil .Ótimo !
    Muito obrigado!
  • A good addon providing powerful search features.
    Thanks for your encouraging review.
  • Hi Olivier. Thanks very much for this extension and your time spent developing it. It replaces a now deprecated extension and is very valuable to me. I am having an issue with 3.72 that others have reported. Namely, when I delete a search engine the list of search engines disappears. A refresh brings it back, but this adds a lot of time to the removal process.
    Hi Gary, thank you for your review. I'm aware of this bug and am working on a fix. Please, bear with me.
  • Very useful and easy to customize! Everyone should try it. Thank you for your work
  • Spent twenty minutes trying to edit the search engine list, buttons don't work half the time, and deleting an entry often causes it to reload with an empty list. Refreshing the page brings it all back, but then the buttons to move entries up and down the list stop working.

    Configuring the list really shouldn't require this much effort.

    Avoid until it gets fixed.
    Hi Tim, sorry to hear about the bad experience you're having. Would you please file an issue on Github detailing which OS and version of Firefox you're using and the steps to reproduce the bug you encountered. It would help me a lot to debug the issue. Thanks.
  • Hi, v. 3.72 is broken in Waterfox win 64. it shows the menu, but it does nothing. I rolled back to 3.69 and it seems to be fine.
  • Been using this add-on for about a year and other than a couple small issues it works great.

    Ordering the list of search engines is a little tedious.

    I can't say I'm happy with the exif reader in 3.72, I'd like to have an option to remove it.
    Context Search Lite has been released. It's the same as Context Search but without added functionalities such as the Exif Viewer. https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/context-search-lite/
  • The updated extension as already reported by others currently doesn't work as before. It's nearly unusable.
    Unfortunately the author added also a functionality which thematically doesn't fit at all with search engines: An Exif Viewer for jpgs.
    For me an extension stuffed with random functions which don't belong to each other is nearly worthless. I already have an Exif viewer as extension.
    It's a pity for a wonderful extension it was. I'll continue to use the old version without Exif Viewer.
    An issue on Github with the request to delete the exif viewer has been refused. Which absolutely isn't a problem but that tone used "Tough luck ...", "go use another" left me a bit puzzled. Not the most diplomatic way to communicate with its users ....
    You reap what you sow. You're by no means diplomatic yourself. Your comment on Github was very disrespectful for the efforts that went into adding functionality to Context Search. I also find that it is quite arrogant of you to decide for everyone else using this extension. I went ahead and created a more limited version without the Exif Viewer, but you clearly don't deserve it. Your rating and comment show what an obnoxious and ungrateful person you are.
  • It's a very usefull add-on but the last update broke it. The context menu dissapeared from right-click options...
    Sorry for the trouble. Had a hard time debugging things. I hope the latest release 3.72 will fix the major issues. Thank you for your kind support and understanding.
  • Love the Add-On, hope you manage to fix it soon.
    Sorry for the trouble. Had a hard time debugging things. I hope the latest release 3.72 will fix the major issues. Thank you for your kind support and words of encouragement.
  • addon is also broke for me but I saw the replies so I know dev is trying to fix the problem. Can only cheer on with a 5 star review while I await the fix...

    ==edit April 6==
    I think the addon is fixed for me now! Thank you so much for the quick fix!
    Sorry for the trouble. Had a hard time debugging things. I hope the latest release 3.72 will fix the major issues. Thank you for your kind support, understanding and patience.
  • Unfortunately, the add-on v 3.71 has stopped working again, the context menu was gone. I am very upset!
    Old versions of FF has crashed at start!
    Today It hasn't been worked. Then I have REinstalled (latest) firefox. I previously saved the file of my own search engines (synchronized with my firefox account for lovely addons, saved my browser bookmarks - it did not need to be restored). It has been start working. :) But I have lost S3.Translator. This addon required own reactivation solutions.
    Now I using only old version 3.69 which available right-here.
    Sorry for the trouble. Had a hard time debugging things. I hope the latest release 3.72 will fix the major issues. Thank you for your kind support and understanding.
  • Using v3.71 but the options menu in the context menu keeps disappearing intermittently. Can't wait for the fix. Excellent addon otherwise, one that I can't live without. Kudos to the dev.


    Thanks to the dev for a swift response and update. Works perfectly now.
    Sorry for the trouble. Had a hard time debugging things. I hope the latest release 3.72 will fix the major issues. Thank you for your kind support and understanding.
  • Since last update (march 30, 2019) there are some bugs making this add-on nearly unusual:
    1. Loading the default search list every time firefox was started, so I have to reload my personal list first bevor using the browser;
    2. I've lost all favicons from my personal search list;
    3. Checking new tab or new window in configurations doesn't effects and remains unchecked after closing configurations window!
    This is one off my favorite add-on 5 stars rated bevor so I hope you can fix the errors very soon!
    Please give the latest release (version 3.71) a try. But I don't recommend using the reset button yet. It often requires refreshing the Options page. Still have to swat that bug!
  • Suddenly, this add-ons made self-updates and deleted all my favorite search engines! Besides, I can't even customize them anymore, I can't delete unwanted engines. I can't customize settings. FIX THIS PLEASE!

    [RE] : I saved a BACKUP of my custom search engines as well! But as the settings are getting restored automatically, the option "Force reload of default search engines list" gets marked, then I loose my custom engines.
    NOTE: All of this happened with the firefox 62 I made update just after this, thinking it was just a matter of compatibilty.
    Anyway, looking forward to get good news soon!
    I'm sorry for the trouble caused. I reverted things back to the former version, but I believe the latest firefox updates have broken the up and down arrows. That's why I was in a hurry to provide an update. Please always create a BACKUP of your custom search engines list by using the export button on the extension's preferences page. It will keep you safe for times when trouble comes. I'm no javascript expert so this will inevitably happen from time to time. In the mean time, I will seek help to debug and test the extension more thoroughly.
  • It's a great addon, but it don't recognize the search engines I had in firefox and the import option needs a .json file that I haven't.
    EDIT: Well, I can export json file but when I import json file, only have "undefined" search engines.
    Hi Alan, Thanks for your review. You first need to backup your search engines by exporting them. That'll generate the .json file you can later import if ever you should lose your list of favourite search engines. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • Thank you for your great addon!

    I would like to make the following two suggestions:

    1. An additional option for appearing results “In the sidebar” (in the “Where should search results appear?” setting).

    Similar application: On “Quick dictionary” and “Search in Sidebar” addons.

    2. Direct Right-click or Shift-click on single words (without a selection precondition).

    Similar application: On the (now deprecated) “Wiktionary and Google Translate” addon.
    An excellent feature in terms of speed, that works even by clicking on youtube onscreen subtitles’ words (which anyway can’t be selected).
    Hi and thank you for your review. I especially like your first idea.. I'm working on it but I'm afraid not all search engines will work in the sidebar because they don't all accept HTTP requests. I had issues with DuckDuckGo, namely.
  • Works, but doesn't account for scenarios where there may be additional search strings after the "=" operator.

    Other search engines would use a variable or something in place of the search query, e.g. %s represents the search term. You could place %s anywhere in the search URL.
    As stated in the description under point 5: "The checkbox is followed by the search query string. This is the generic url you would use to perform a search. Search query strings may contain the parameters %s or {searchTerms} where you'd like your search terms to appear, i.e. the selected text."