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  • I really like this addon, but I would like to know how to get the grid option to work?
    Thank you.
    Great work
  • right after installing it crashed firefor repeatedly. som e 100 tabs are gone and it wouldnt even work with 1 tab open. ff 63
    update FF 64: id did not crash this time but i cannot get my personal ~60 search engines to work. tried 3 times import export - no results, even their own search engines only appeared once. still buggy.
  • Work's fine
  • missing icons((
    screen: dropmefiles.com/aAXwt

    UPD: Step by step. Did everything as you requested. Nothing changed.
    Sites have icons ;)
    Can i still help?
    Strange indeed! Are you sure all those websites missing icons have a favicon? I checked tparser.org and it does appear to have a favicon. Would you please try first saving (downloading to a JSON file) your search engines, then removing the extension and the file storage-sync.sqlite from your Firefox Profile folder, and finally reloading your saved search engines in the extension's preferences page and let me know if you get the same results. Alternatively, you may try loading your search engines in a new Firefox profile to see if the problem persists. I'm sorry for the trouble. If the problem remains, then I'd appreciate if you would file a bug on Github. Thanks.
    UPD: Would you mind sending me your list of search engines (the JSON file you can download), so I can do some testing on my end (I'm on Mac so I may get different results!)? Also, please feel free to give the latest dev version on Github a try. The code has gone through quite some changes since the last release on AMO. I should be able to release it soon, but I still need to polish a few things and do some testing.
  • why not add some hotkey or better let user modify keymap,i think this will be amazing
    What would you like to assign a hot key to? Have you noticed that you can use keywords in the url address bar to make searches? Thanks for your review.
  • The idea is good, but it doesn't save the checkboxes and doesn't save added search engines :(
    I know there are a few bugs and I'm trying to get them sorted out shortly. If you have some spare time, please give the dev version on Github a try and let me know if it works for you. But bare in mind that it's still a work in progress.
  • this add-ons of mozilla is amazing .
    it is very fit in latest update verson of windows
    i has been using mozilla for 4 years. this is one of the best browser at all.
    click here to know more about technical news and updates...
    Thank you for your review Rajesh. Glad you like the extension.