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Unfortunately, this extension does not respect the organization of installed search engines into folder groups using Organize Search Engines ( I have reverted to the original Context Search(, which works perfectly in conjunction with both Add To Search Bar ( and Organize Search Engines (

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This is my reply to a previous review:
I have checked it up, and it looks like Organize Search Engines overrides almost all the functionality of Context Search, when it detects that Context Search is enabled. In fact, if the author of Organize Search Engines wanted, he could just include context search functionality directly into his add-on with just a few more lines of code. As for this add-on, letting Organize Search Engines override my functions will totally remove all the features that I have programmed it for, so unfortunately it is a "no" at the moment for folder support.

To add on, Firefox does not have built-in support for search engine folders and if you uninstall OSE, the original Context Search will also seem to revert back to having no folder support, which logically follows from the fact that OSE supplied <b>all</b> the folder support <b>for</b> Context Search. I have no time at the moment, and will probably have not much time in the near future to add folder support.