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Buddha in the light - Bouddha en lumiere

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The Thorn Birds

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SpeediCath Compact

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Birds on the cloud

von Hurst

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flying monster spaghetti

von samewish

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Thank you for this!

There is a ridiculous amount of religious themes on here it's depressing. I was looking for just a cool theme but after having to scroll through pages of proselytizing thier fariy tales I just kept going hoping I could find at least one theme that doesn't subscribe to ignorance and naivety.
I spent my younger years trying to be respectful of others beliefs and would go out of my way not to criticize or make fun but, live and let live is apparently not a concept taught in religion as very few times has a "christian" been respectful once I reveal my beliefs it's either a desperate plea to convert or just outright contmept. Its become clear that they have enjoyed thier majority status for so long that they take it for granted. Now that its being challenged at a higher rate they are defensive. They are showing the true colors of thier religion and so called christian compasion with thier attacks on science, diversity and the advancement of modern society through legislation.
The hypocrisy is mind boggling that they claim discrimination as they get laws passed that supposedly allows for them to dicriminate against those they dont like.

Bewertet mit 5 von 5 Sternen von Rudy am May 7, 2016

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