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  • for years I have been using Noia, but this looks so nice I think of the change :)
  • Прекрасная тема,просьба к автору обновить для последней версии Firefox.Спасибо.
  • The one and only FireFox theme I use. Please upgrade this very cool theme. P.S. When upgrading, keep it at FireFox 3.0 +... would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • just say... a great dark theme. i've been using it since firefox 2. now i think what u could update it because ff4 has already been released.
    i could upgrade to ff4, but i dont do it only for my favorite theme, wich dont work on ff4. im still using firefox 3.6.x
    so.. i hope u listen us, and update it for the next firefox.
    greetings, Riven Alejhan'd Roth - Advanced Firefox User.
  • this is a great theme; however, i have been waiting for a long time now probably almost a year for them to up date it to work with the current version of fire fox.
  • Somebody can help? FF 3.7 - http://img4.immage.de/2904d84620100429160154.jpg
  • I really hope there gona be a version for GNU/linux.
  • please change the allocation of the blue, will be more convenient http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/7647/72216579.jpg
  • whether it is possible to reduce the distance between the tabs in folders ?
  • ********** 3.6.* ~~~ THROUGH~~~ 3.9.* *********

    Bow down and kiss the ring boyz n' galz. If you enjoy this theme as much as i do... then here's an update that will work with 3.6.*

    If all stays the same with firefox... this will stay stable through 3.9.*

    To the developer... I really enjoy your theme, however, I like many others cannot wait for you to update the install.rdf just to have this theme working again so please understand I'm not trying to step on your toes... but rather let everyone enjoy your theme some more.

  • by 3.6 to force a refresh, it works fine
    by 3.7 works, but not very good display
    look forward to updates
  • I absolutely love this theme! What a great color combo. The only problem I'm having with it, is when I open the drop down window for "Options" (like in the middle pictures above) the right hand side of the window is chopped off about 2 inches. It should be extended further out. I don't know why this is happening, or if it's just on my computer, but I hope it can be fixed. If it is, I'll definitely give it a 5. I'd also like to have this theme with red. I think that would look great too.

    Just a quick update. I found out what was causing the problem & it had nothing to do with this theme. The problem was the SimilarWeb add-on. I uninstalled it, and now everything looks the way it should. This is now my favorite theme---love the darkness of the black. Thanks and keep up the good work. 5 stars!
  • I very much like this theme. So much so, I've added it to all my PC's. Thanks!
  • I rather like it. Actually, I like it very much.
  • First is the Tab on right button on Firefox 3.5 doesn't show. Second is the fact it doesn't remove the combined back/forward button. Fix those issues and this is one awesome theme.
  • nice, but I'll stay with Glaze Black

    suggestion - replace the electric blue with a mid-to-dark grey to create a New Moon Night theme, and I could easily swap to it.
  • Thanks for the update!
  • Very sharp looking theme! Perfect!
  • Fred122! möglich, animierte Indikator Tätigkeit oder lediglich um die Farbe
  • To use this on a newer version of firefox... change the line in the install .rdf that shows "max version" to something newer than "2.0"... i.e. "3.7.0".

    If you're to lazy to do that or don't know how... you can download the .jar from here (using now on ff 3.5.2... i love this theme)

  • I absolutely love this theme...can someone please update it to the newest version so I can update my firefox? I can't use this theme in the new version...I only want this theme. Thank you
  • Vielen Dank für das Update, ich danke Ihnen sehr
  • Looks not bad.
  • Looks not bad.
  • Nicely done